The Key To Pulling Off Smoky Eyes In The Daytime

I cannot believe it’s taken me this long to figure out the key to wearing and pulling off a smoky eye during the daytime.

Are you ready for this big reveal, humongous secret, major makeup trick that I’m about to bestow upon you??!! The key to not looking too crazy and made up during the daylight hours, but still looking extra sexy and sultry, is to NOT WEAR EYELINER with your smoky eye!!!

Ah Ha-Genius!!! Yes, I’ve been doing this makeup thing for a reaaaally long time, and wearing the smoky eye look for just as long, but this just dawned on me. And since I don’t personally care about looking too “made up” because hey, I’m a makeup artist and that’s my gig, I know a lot of other women want a more low key version of the smoky eye that can be worn throughout the day and not just for special occasions or in the night hours. So that key is to skip the eyeliner part.

**Another key element is to NOT wear black shadow or dark browns, which can appear too harsh. That’s why I chose a smoky purple and grey color, since you’re smudging these colors all around your eye, you want them to be on the lighter side so as not to appear too heavy.**

So here’s my daytime smoky example I wore the other day. I think it turned out pretty great. I literally only used 2 shadows:

It was super easy since I didn’t bother with any eyeliner step. Simple tutorial: I just put the purple “skiba” from lash to crease, then the “obsidian” just along my upper and lower lashes (it’s the darker smoky grey color and basically acted like my eyeliner), two coats of mascara on both lashes and voila, a sexy but subtle smoky eye!

Who knew a smoky eye could be soooo simple?? You can thank me later;-)