Sultry Makeup Like Nicole Scherzinger From Dancing With The Stars

I heart Dancing With The Stars and am so glad that it’s back on TV with Season 10, woo hoo!!!!

And one of the main reasons I love this show is because of, shocker, the makeup. The makeup artists are typically really over the top with the makeup they apply on the female celebs and the professionals, but this year they seem to have a taken a little rest. The females look pretty and dramatic but not like drag queens-how refreshing. Even Pamela Anderson looked pretty decent except for her wild messy hair, but that’s another story.

My favorite female celeb dancer this year is Nicole Scherzinger from the Pussycat Dolls group. She is naturally stunning so the makeup artists probably didn’t have to work that hard on her for the show. Even though I couldn’t find any recent photos of her from the show last night, I had to try and recreate a Nicole-like makeup look from a photo I found of her online. (Granted I don’t have the Hawaiian/Filipino descent working for me like she does, but I did my best- we are the same age of 32 though! Also tried her serious yet pretty facial expression, mine not so great, but again, gave it my best attempt!)

There are really about 3 specific makeup looks you need to conquer to mimic Nicole’s face:

  • dark brown or black eyeliner.
  • tanned bronze skin.
  • nude pearlized lips.

Here are the main products I used to accomplish this look:

1. Dark brown eyeliner thanks to- Lancome’s Le Crayon Khol in “black coffee” ($25). Make sure to line the top and bottom inner rims of your lash line to get her dark eyes.

2. Tanned bronze skin thanks to- Max Factor’s Color Genius Mineral Bronzer in “sun kissed” ($10) all over. And Too Faced Snow Bunny Bronzing powder ($27) just on cheekbones and over eyebrows and swipe on top of nose. Her dewy skin is really what makes this look so fascinating for me.

3. Nude pearlized lips thanks to- Too Faced Girls Dig Pearls lip gloss, color Pink Bling ($18). This stuff actually has crushed sea pearls- oooh how fancy!!

I think Nicole will have a leg up because of her Pussycat Dolls experience of being in a girl band and dancing in videos, but we will see. She’s got some stiff competition- namely 80 year old Buzz Aldrin- yes, the man who walked on the moon…no I’m not kidding. But kudos to him for giving this dancing show a whirl at his age-guess he’s brave by nature since he was an astronaut! HA.