The Best and Most Realistic Self Tanner On The Market…Really

I don’t tan very well anymore.  I used to as a teenager, but something went very wrong when I got into college, and my skin tone changed completely and decided it didn’t like the sun anymore.

Which is okay because NOW I don’t obsess over sitting outside in the sun with no sunscreen for multiple hours to get that rich golden tan that would eventually cause me to look 8-10 years older than I should bc it would fry my face and body. Not worth it. With that said, I do looove the look of having a little more color than I do during the winter, so I am always on the lookout for the best self tanner possible.
 Well I found one that does all of the below requirements I want in a self tanner, extremely well: St. Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Mousse ($30). (I have included pictures of me and my son Jack to show you the difference in skin color after two applications of this stuff. Jack has my natural skin coloring-what I would look like without self tanner-so thought this would be a good example of how natural this stuff turns out. It’s on my face and body, NO bronzer on my face whatsover, just tinted moisturizer).

 Here’s what my St. Tropez does for me, contains or does not contain, that makes it perfect:

  •  No scent. I do not like self tanner smell, point blank. I want it as fragrance free as possible so it doesn’t interfere with my perfume.
  • I want to see where it’s going while I apply it. This is one product I don’t like the surprise element when it eventually dries up and you see that you’ve gotten dark forearms and super white shoulders. Not cute and a big red flag that, “hey! look at my self tanning job!”
  • It dries super fast. I don’t have time to sit around naked in my bathroom for 15 minutes twiddling my thumbs while I wait for my tanner to dry before I put clothes on. And I don’t want it ruining my nice expensive clothes (or my nice Old Navy clothes!) once I put them on.
(my forearm against Jack’s to show you the difference)
  • It should look as natural as possible. No orange oompa loompa look for me. Even though I might seem like a hypocrite for looking like I really sat by the pool for 4 hours, I’d rather people think that than immediately think, “wow, that’s some self tanner she’s got on.” You know those people that wear the obvious stuff;-) I read that St. Tropez contains some green in it to make sure it doesn’t go orange on you.

I have been amazed how well this tanner does everything I want it to. St. Tropez just won a “Best Beauty Buy” in this month’s In Style Magazine, for Best Body Self Tanner (the lotion version). I use my mousse on my body and face and finds it works really well on both so I don’t have to buy two separate products. I’ve had my bottle since the beginning of March and still have a good bit left so my 30 bucks is stretching.

I really don’t think after using this brand of tanning products, that I will ever be able to go back to any other line of self tanners, it’s that good.