In With The New!

My family and I lived out the common saying, “Out with the old, and in with the new,” to a T last night. This is a pic of our family waving goodbye to the “old!”

We (my husband, two small children, and my wonderfully supportive in laws!) spent around 5 hours at a Ford car dealership last night playing “let’s make a deal” to try to get our expanding family a brand new vehicle that will fit all the many car seats we will need to fill it. Needless to say, it was an exhausting process, especially trying to keep a 2 and 4 year old happy in the same spot for 5 hours! But we finally prevailed and we got the deal of a lifetime on a brand new 2010 Ford Flex, from the very professional staff at World Ford Stone Mountain. “Many thanks to two of the most patient and fair men I’ve ever met in the car world, Otha Winston and Carlos Torres! You guys made car buying a little bit easier;-)”

Two photos below of our new ride: me and hubby behind the wheel, and the whole car below (didn’t get a good pic of our actual car bc it was dark and soooo late when we left the dealership last night!).

It’s a funky and hip looking vehicle that I haven’t seen on the road much, but has been rated one of the safest vehicles on the road for two years running, and I actually dig that it’s so unique looking!! It was described on as “a cool looking alternative to the minivan” and “kid tested, mother approved,” exactly the combo we were looking for!!

I am super ecstatic about my new car, but must admit, it was really hard letting go of our “out with the old” trade in, which was my car I had had for 7 years. This car had helped me bring both of my children home from the hospital and was bought after I became a newly married woman. I know it sounds corny, but that car (heap of metal and leather, no feelings, I must

keep telling myself that) has been through a lot and seen a lot, and was a good car that never really gave me any trouble. The pic to the right is my 4 year old hugging our old car goodbye, tear tear tear!! But on the bright side, we traded it in for a great price that ultimately helped us afford our brand new ultra safe vehicle! And now, my oldie but goodie car will hopefully go to some deserving person or family that wants just what it has to offer, and maybe it will become someone’s “in with the new!”

Buying a vehicle is a HUGE purchase and one we’ve been researching for a long time to figure out what would be the right fit for our family. Since we will be riding in this car practically everyday for who knows how many years, it was an important decision that we didn’t rush. I am sooo grateful and feel blessed that we can actually afford to get a new car as I know so many people do not have that luxury, and so I don’t take this purchase lightly. You always wonder about buyers remorse, especially with big items like this, but I know we’ve shopped smart because it’s sitting in our garage right now and I feel zero remorse and I feel better today than I did yesterday! I can’t wait to strap my kids into it today and enjoy making memories in our new car!!

And so not as to abandon the whole makeup aspect of JennySue, there are two NEW products out right now that I’m dying to try. Let me know if you’ve had a personal experience with either one of these new fabulous sounding products!!

  • Maybelline’s Great Lash Big mascara ($6) that is a new take on an oldie but goodie, that has a jumbo lash brush and volumizing wax formula to create even bigger lashes.
  • L’Oreal Paris Extra Intense Liquid Pencil eyeliner ($9) that is supposed to be the creamiest liner ever that defines the lash line like a liquid liner. I found a picture of this eyeliner, but honestly it looks like every other liner they make so I didn’t include it;-)