JennySue Makeup Product Review :: Eyedews-Under Eye Mask

I work with a whole ‘lotta brides, and most of them have one thing in commonDry puffy eyes the morning after their rehearsal dinners. You know, puffy from all the crying due to the nice things friends and family are saying about you and your fiance and then a bit dehydrated maybe from a bit too much champagne/bubbly!!

Luckily, just in time for the wedding party I worked with this Saturday, I was sent a most wonderful product JUST for the problem my brides usually have to deal with (Big thanks to you Victoria!!). These little gems called, Eyedews, and are “soothing morning after eye-dration” for your tired eyes.

Courtney (the beautiful bride!) agreed to let me apply these collagen and aloe packed pads out on her eye beds before we started her bridal makeup. The ingredients literally feel very liquid like when you apply them to your eyes, but instantly soak right into your skin. I took some before and after photos of my bride and during her Eyedews experience and got some glowing feedback from her….and myself!


I did try some out for myself the next day after her hearing her excitement for them and I totally agreed with how wonderful these things are. These on-the-go pads can be applied whenever you have just 15 to 20 minutes to slap them on. I could really feel the difference in how well they refreshed my under eyes and also how they truly do a great hydrating job. Which is key when you’re applying lots of eye makeup and concealer/foundation to brides eye beds before their photos!

I did have to post some after after photos of Mrs. Bride herself after Eyedews and after JennySue finished up her eyemakeup and eyelashes!


Doesn’t she look gorgeous, well rested, and ready to get married?!! I don’t think these wonder pads are available here in the Athens or Atlanta area-yet- but you can find them on their website. They are now being used in casino salons and spas for clients, but I would totally use these things at home for whenever I need a quick pick me up for my face.

Here’s my plea- “Eyedews, come to the South, pronto!! I don’t think my hubby and I will be re-doing our nuptials or wedding festivities again anytime soon, but I am going to need a pair of these everyday once my baby is here in the next couple months to hide the sleepless nights that will no doubt show up on my face!”