How I Get Kim Kardashian Hair

I’m pretty much fascinated with Kim Kardashian’s life.  If you read my blog religiously then you already realize that I am a reality show junky.  Who isn’t?? Watching trash TV is how I get away from everyday life for an hour or so a day before I get thrown back into diapers, dishes, dogs, and daily life!

{My Kim K hair do.  See the inspiration photo below.}

I looove watching Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s, if for no other reason than to see what Kim’s makeup and hair transform into each episode.  Dang this girl looks perfect EVERY time the camera is on her, which is basically 24/7.  Guess it helps having a makeup artist and hair stylist in your back pocket huh??  When it comes to Kim K always looking so perfect, I must keep reminding myself, this girl has no husband and no kids.  She has plenty of time on her hands for primping and perfection.  Oh, and she’s a multi million dollar celebrity. Some very big differences between me and her!

{My hair inspiration photo.  An oldie but goodie.}

But when it comes to getting celeb hair, thankfully we can all get on the same playing field.
I do have naturally dark hair going for me, however not as dark as Kim’s.  I admit I do dye my hair at home to achieve a soft black look similar to hers.  Note though: I’ve been dying my hair soft black LOOONG BEFORE I even knew who Kim K. was.  So I’m not trying to morph myself into a celebrity, promise…wink wink.

I do love the look of her hair, and here is how I’ve achieved the closest look to her do’… without the extensions:

1.  Dye hair.  I used Garnier Nutrisse Nourishing Color Creme in color Black Tea ($8).  I’ve been using this for awhile and love it.  Even though I dye my hair a shade darker than its natural color, I find it so interesting that my youngest son basically has almost blonde hair and mine is so dark.

{Cutie blonde Walker. No hair dye here!}

The gene pool is nutso, and this is so random and has nothing to do with Kim K.  I just wanted a reason to post a photo of my handsome Walker, above.  Okay, moving on!

{Air dried hair. Slept on it wet.}

2.  Sleep in wet hair without blow drying it to achieve a natural wave the next morning-note pic above.  I find it easiest to curl hair that hasn’t already been blown dry straight.  My hair isn’t super wavy the next morning, but it does have some natural bend to it.  Please disregard the lack of makeup in this pic!

{Shameless product promotion.}

3.  Apply argan oil to dry hair before curling.  I love the original Moroccan Oil, (check out my review on it a few months ago) but have recently found a nice less expensive substitute at Sally Beauty Supply.  It’s One ‘N Only Argan Oil treatment ($9) for 3.4 oz, which is significantly cheaper than the real deal.  And it works and smells basically the same.  Score.

{Ta Da! Kim K curls!}

4.  Use a large barrel curling iron.  I part my hair as evenly down the middle as possible (I have a cow lick, so it’s a bit off center) then start curling about 1 inch pieces away from my head-not forward.  I start wrapping at the bottom of the 1 inch hair piece on the barrel of the curling iron and wrap it all the way up the barrel in a spiral manner.  I hold it for about 15-20 seconds then let it go gently to let the curl fall down.  I do some forward curling on some underneath pieces to make it not so uniform.

*Trick I learned from my stylist- after curling these pieces, DO NOT MESS with them for at least 15 minutes after curling so they have time to cool and set. This will keep your curls/waves for much longer if you don’t touch them right after they’ve been curled.*

5.  Tiny bit of hairspray.  I dislike hairspray, but this look needs a bit of hold to keep it from falling flat instantly.

You might wonder how a busy mom of 3 has the time to achieve hair like this. I promise, the fact that I sleep in my hair wet actually makes it a little easier and less time consuming than you would think.  And if it takes a bit longer to curl some hair in order to look as put together as Miss Kardashian, then the kids can watch an extra episode of Scooby Doo!