Wow’em With White Eye Pencil!

There’s always a time when a product comes along that just blows me away because it is so versatile.

On my last trip to Ulta (there’s not one in the area I live in unfortunately) I was drawn in by the lure of the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils ($4.50).  Now I’ve read before they were wonderful and could be used as eye liners or pencils or shadows, so I bought myself one to see what the hype was about.  And it delivered.  This pencil is super soft, but not so much that it gets messy, and glides on with the greatest of ease!!

I purchased the creamy white version, Milk.   I love the way the color white can completely take your everyday eye shadow routine, and turn it up a notch to make it look bright and fresh- without actually having to wear a neon obnoxious eye shadow color!

Here are some step-by-step shots of how this white NYX pencil took my neutral shadow routine and bumped it up a notch to make even the dullest of browns look brighter!!

1.  My before the white stick was used shot.

2. My after the white stick was used shot.  My eyes look much brighter!

Drawing short strokes along the tear duct area and lash to crease.

Lining the inside of the waterline with the same white pencil.
Dotting the pencil along the upper part of the brow bone.

The messy look of white before I blended it all!!

Take a synthetic bristled brush and just lightly blend it into the skin.

And here is the FINALE!! Hello bright eyes!! 

And thanks to recent Spring and Summer 2011 runway shows like Sass & Bide, my messy top knot that I wear as a time saver to pick up my kids from school has actually become a runway trend!!  Who knew not caring about your hair could be so cool??

My peacock feathers are thanks to the shoe store Aldo– a last minute purchase by the counter I couldn’t pass up for 8 bucks!!

Of course I don’t wear mine as ridiculously high as these models did, but that’s just it, I’m not a model and would look kinda silly with it right on top!  But either way, this look has gotten lots of play in all the fashion mags! So I’m proud that I can certainly knock this look out of the park!

How I do it:
I just throw my hair up high in a ponytail, wrap the tail haphazardly around the elastic and bobby pin in.  Then I pull out tiny hairs with my fingers to make it look casually messy.

So when time is short but you want to look hip and awake- rock the messy top knot and add some white pencil to your routine!