April 12, 2011

Revlon's "Cherries In The Snow" Lipstick Is Hot For The Summer!

So I've been reading in all of my fashion magazines for years and years about the lipstick color "Cherries in the Snow" by Revlon.  It's been hyped as a cult classic makeup item.  And if it's worthy of the title "cult classic, then I MUST have one of them myself to see what all of the hype is about, right??

{Original advertisement for CITS 
with super model Dorien Leigh in 1953.}

Unlike many lipstick colors or beauty products in general, this one has stood the test of time.  There is a huge turnover in the cosmetic industry when it comes to products, especially lipsticks.  You might find your favorite lipgloss then go back to buy it in 2 or 3 months and it's already off the market.  But not Cherries in the Snow (I'm going to start referring to it as CITS), this shade has been on the market since 1953!! WOW- that is impressive.

Now the hype I've read about it, it's been referred to as the ultimate red lipstick.  Ultimate lipstick formula maybe, red, not so much.  I got this home and slapped it on, and to my surprise, it was more hot raspberry than red in my humble opinion.  But I will show you some pics of me in this cult shade and let you be the judge.

Before CITS

After CITS

I also put it next to some roses I just recently picked out of my own garden (okay, I don't have a "garden", that sounds really fancy- maybe "yard" is a better word!) that very closely resembled the actual color of this lipstick.  If only this lipstick smelled as good as these roses do!!

{Cherries and Roses.}

Even though it didn't turn out to be the hot sexy red I was looking for, it is a hot sexy raspberry that commands attention!

And when you're wearing a color this vibrant, I've got some tips for making it stay put and look it's best:

1.  Apply your foundation or a skin toned concealer all over your lips to create an even canvas.

2.  Use a lip brush to color in your exact lip shape.  With a color this bright, don't try to extend outside
your natural lip line or it will look super cheap and unnatural.

3.  Blot your lips with a thin sheet of tissue.  Then repeat step #2.

4.  Use a similar colored lip liner to draw an exact line around your mouth.  This liner also helps 
with any color bleeding.

5.  My finished Cherries in the Snow pout!!

Very HOT for such a COOL red color huh??

What do you think of Cherries in the Snow?  What are your favorite cult beauty items that have stood the test of time??


CrystalS said...

It's soo pretty!! Great post! <33

Steph xox said...

Looks gorgeous!! i need to dig this out havent used it in forver!!

Thanks for reminding me!

Beth said...

Can't wait to go buy it! I really like the bright lips for spring. I have a dessert we love called "Cherries in the Snow" (meringue w/a cream cheese, whipped cream topping, cherries on top) my girls will love to wear this on their lips and think of their favorite dessert.

myinnersuzi said...

such a wonderful color, if you have the rifght skin tone. really works for you, Jenny Sue. :-)

dulci said...



JennySue said...

Thanks everyone for the comments! Steph, yes, you should def dig it out for the warm weather! Beth, that dessert sounds heavenly;-) You should share the recipe!

mineral lipstick said...

Yes the Revlon lipstick color is very suitable for the spring and summer time when the pinks and the peaches are very much in going with the season.Thanks for the review.

Becky said...

one of my favorite lip colors!!!

Bellezza said...

I love Cherries in The Snow, have for almost twenty years, as well as Fire and Ice which was also 'born' in early 1950's. Like you, I classify CITS as fuschia, while Fire and and Ice is almost orange. But, they're both beautiful as well as long wearing, and when I think of all the money I've spent on Chanel's lipsticks? I'm back to Revlon's for the price and the lasting power.

MsK said...

This color and Love That Red have been my grandmother's signature color for as long as I can remember. At least 35 years! Classics indeed! It's nice to see women wearing bright classic lipsticks again.

AllThingsNails! said...

What lip liner did you use? Nice job!