Somewhere Between Moisturizer And Foundation…

Somewhere between moisturizer and foundation…lies the tinted moisturizer.

Me wearing my “home-made” tinted moisturizer!!

This is a product that helps to even out skin tone without obscuring your natural tone and looking too makeup-y!  There aren’t very many tinted moisturizers out there to choose from surprisingly enough.   I find that odd since it is such an easy makeup product to wear and is basically fool proof because you don’t have to work as hard when blending like a regular foundation.

My skin from afar.  It’s looking pretty covered, even, and fresh!

I did a blog a couple years ago on how to make your own tinted moisturizer HERE, but recently updated this “how to” mixture.

I’ve added two new key ingredients for making the perfect lightweight summer foundation:

  • Liquid bronzer
  • Moisturizers with SPF & anti aging properties
Two Dermagenics moisturizers used on left- one with SPF, one without. 
 L’Oreal True Match foundation in C3
Rimmel London’s Face & Body Luminizer in You Glow Girl 
On my original idea, I used the original Oil Of Olay beauty fluid which had no SPF in it.  But of course now it’s not an option to go outside without some sort of SPF protection in the summer, so I actually made two formulas this time- one with SPF for when I’m outside and one with an anti-aging moisturizer for when I’m just hanging inside with the kiddos.
Close up of my tinted moisturizer.  
The addition of the luminizer/bronzer adds such a healthy and natural glowing property.  
My skin doesn’t look dull when the bronzer is incorporated.
I used two moisturizers I was so generously sent to review by the skin care line Dermagenics:

1. Ultra Intensive Anti-Aging Moisturizer w Peptides (no SPF).  I have super dry skin, and this definitely took care of my dry skin issue as I felt well hydrated.  It is lightweight in feel and has zero scent to it which I like.  However, I have not seen any anti-aging properties such as fine lines and wrinkles disappearing or any skin firming.  But it is a good moisturizer to mix stuff with and it soaks in super fast!
Not that this is super obvious, but I slather on the tinted moisturizer all the way to the collarbone.
I want to make sure NEVER to leave out the neck when adding hydration and color.
2. Sun Savvy Solar Shield Facial Moisturizer w SPF 20.  This moisturizer also has zero scent to it but has the added bonus of a big SPF of 20 which I have used when I’m going to be out in the sun, at the park with the kids, and other outdoor activities.  It is a creamier slightly heavier lotion than the anti aging one but still soaks in well.  It claims to be water resistant, which I can’t really attest to bc I haven’t been to the pool or beach yet, but it seems to make my tinted moisturized combination stay in place when I’m out in the heat watching my boys play golf.
To create mine own concoction was super simple, and yours can be adjusted depending on your skin care needs (more hydration, or more coverage). 
I mixed it like a cocktail- I used 2 parts moisturizer, 1 part foundation, and a little less than 1 part of liquid bronzer (how’s that for exact measurements!ha!), then put it all together in a cleaned out Lancome freebie tub of moisturizer (I had already used their moisturizer and added my new stuff) and swirled it together.  I then apply it to my face by dipping a QTip into the tub and dotting on my face then rubbing in with my fingers or a sponge.  
I wore my tinted moisturizer to dinner with my girlfriends last night. 
We got together to celebrate with our gorgeous prego friend across the table from me who’s having a baby soon- isnt’ she a beauty!
We ate at the yummy Speakeasy in downtown Athens (a personal favorite of this group!), and shared numerous tapas of coconut shrimp, veggies with Gruyere cheese fondue (to die for!), beef tenderloin skewers, spinach salads, and much more!  Between the 5 of us ladies, we figured out we have 11 kids- soon to be 12!  So of course, we mama’s work up quite an appetite during the day running after our little ones and making it through a days work.  We need this girls night out at least once a month!
Voila!! I’m able to put my best face forward with my new creation and let my skin shine through!

Dermagenics products were graciously sent to me for consideration and review.