Concert Eyes

I have two new obsessions.  Josh Groban (musician/singer) and Pinterest (website).

Me at the Josh Groban concert in Atlanta Wednesday night.  
He made an appearance in the center of the arena where I was sitting, that’s why I look so happy!

Actually, Josh is not a new obsession, I’ve been a big fan with a HEALTHY obsession of him for years!  He just came out with a new tour, “Straight To You”, so that’s why he’s new again-it’s been 4 yrs since I went to his last ATL concert! His fans are called Grobanites, and yes, I would consider myself one- he has the voice of an angel.  My husband is completely comfortable with this.

Onto non-celeb interests,  Pinterest is a website that connects people through images they love.  And it is starting to take up way too much of my free time, and ya’ll know I  have very little free time on my hands with 3 kids, a dog, a husband, a makeup business, a blog, household chores/maintenance, you get my drift (thanks Erin of LuxeandLace for introducing me- I think!! Ha!!).  So Pinterest helped me with my concert eyes inspiration bc I found this beautiful photo below and decided to recreate it for my big night out with my girlfriends and our moms (yes, each one of us brought our moms along- Josh is loved by all ages!)

Photo originally from

This is my look and here’s the steps I took to get it.  Products I used: Too Faced Natural Eye Palette (for all over lid and lash to crease color), Wet n Wild black liquid liner, Palladio Black pencil liner, Stila’s Barefoot Contessa shadow pan (crease color).

*Disclaimer- Of course my photos look kind of orange for some reason-old camera, but you still get the idea.  I also did not use false lashes like the original image has which would have ramped up the look but I didn’t have time for that step- I was rushing out of the door leaving the babysitter with 3 crying kiddos!!*

First layer of Honey Pot from lash to crease.
Second layer is Barefoot Contessa in the crease.
Third layer of Classic in tear duct area along with black liquid liner on upper lid, winged out.

Finished product with black eyeliner along lower inner waterline. 

Concealer and foundation applied here too- better skin!

And here are a few pics of this mama’s night- we had a blast!!

Me and my girlfriends at dinner before the concert! All 3 of us are HUGE Josh fans!

This was my view of Josh from my seats- I was so shocked and excited
when his piano popped out right in
the middle of the arena where we were sitting!

 These are basically pictures to show you how actually close I was to him;-)

Yes, used to the zoom on this one.  Too bad you can’t actually hear him singing!  
Me and Laney after the concert- we still look thrilled even after the show was over!
So how many of you followers are Josh Groban and Pinterest fans?? I know I can’t be alone!!  Happy Friday to you all!!