My New Auburn Locks

Well I did it, I took the plunge and went for a shade of red in my locks…and I LOVE IT!!

This has been a huge hair trend (going red!) in Hollywood, think Drew Barrymore and Emma Stone (below), but it’s something I’ve actually wanted to do for a really long time.

Emma Stone’s perfect auburn hue!

I’ve never had the urge to go blonde or cut my hair really short, so red was really the only option for doing something different.

Let me rewind.  I first tried to do this on my own with some box color…big mistake.  I always dye it a black/brown shade which is close to my natural color, but obviously going an un-natural shade should be left to the professionals.  I was left with a bright candy red scalp and normal looking ends. Not the auburn shade I was going for.

My Before.
Hard to see, but the scalp was red, ends not so much.

I went to my trusted hairstylist Lyric at Republic Salon, and she fixed me up with the gorgeous shade I had envisioned.

My After.  3.5 hrs later!! 
That’s what happens when your stylist has to do corrective color bc you
tried to go red in your own bathroom.

She used a technique called a “soap cap” which apparently helps remove unwanted color quickly and isn’t as invasive as bleaching my hair out completely.  I thanked her for not ruining the integrity of my hair by using this technique- it still ended up staying shiny and not feeling straw-like.  Thank you Lyric for such a fabulous job!!

So now with my new fun ginger shade, I am having fun with makeup.  I am having to add a bit of red pencil to my brows to pull in the new hair shade.  This new hair color makes me feel more spunky, hence my lime green shadow look below.

Bobbi Brown shadow in “Macha Green” and “Day Glow”
Cheek color is Bobbi Brown’s Rose Quartz Shimmer Brick.
I wish my hair looked as red in these pics, but at least you can still see the warmth.

So what do you think of my new red do??  If you’ve ever worn red hair, what are some good makeup color suggestions?