Angelina’s Sexy Signature Eye Makeup

There is no denying that Angelina Jolie is a sexy lady, point blank.    Any lady that is raising 6 kids, has a fab film career, is a philanthropist, sports tattoos with meaning, and roped in a smokin’ hot husband-Brad Pitt (not as smokin as mine, but close;-), is someone to be reckoned with.

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Angelina always has a makeup look that is completely recognizable.  It’s always about the eyes for her.  Obviously her lips are what people talk about the most, but since they’re so “obvious” she usually downplays them by keeping them light and playing up her eyes with a sexy smokey look!  That’s my personal take on how she applies her makeup-just a guess.

My best Angie serious stare.  I don’t do well being serious, but this is one of my better attempts;-)
In order to get the sexy Angelina eyes that she is so famous for, here is how I accomplish the look:

 Use a super black eye liner pencil and line the entire rim of the eye, upper and lower.  When doing the upper lash line, make sure to do the “tight” line and get up underneath the inner rim.  It feels funny and kind of gives me the heebie jeebies when I do it, but the payoff is huge.  
Really makes the lash line look full.

 Choose a medium colored taupe shadow for lash line to crease (slight shimmer is helpful), and a dark espresso type brown for the actual crease and to create a sideways >.  I used 2 colors from my Too Faced Natural Eye Palette– velvet revolver and sexpresso.  Y’all know I can’t do a makeup
look without using at least one color from this palette.  I heart it.
I used a very light pink blush because I can’t go without blush-ever.  Looks like Angie might have only used bronzer to sculpt her cheekbones.  See 4 pics below for this.

This might seem a bit much, but after penciling the upper and lower lash lines, I drew back over
those lines with a black liquid liner for added effect and for an extreme cat eye look.  
Being sure to flick up at the corners!
I smudged all along my upper and lower lash line with a rounded tight bristled brush with a dark
charcoal grey shadow (Smashbox Obsidian, a fave!) to make the lash lines super smokey.

To get Angelina sculpted cheekbones, take a small angled blush brush and medium bronzer
for your skin tone.  Make a “fish face” (yes, that’s mine, not pretty, but gets the job done!) and stroke
the bronzer from the top of your ear right into the hollow of the cheekbone.  
Voila!  The illusion of cheekbones you never knew you had.
Lip gloss is by L’Oreal Infallible in color “blush.”
I admire Angie for her signature look and knowing what works for her features.  I must say, I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a bad picture of this women so she’s doing something right.  I wouldn’t say I have a “signature” look bc I love experimenting with makeup so much that I’m usually shaking things up.  However, I might start always using liquid liner on top of my pencil liner because the staying power and wow factor was amazing!
What do you think of Mrs. Pitt’s sexy eye look?  Do you have a signature look??