Nameplate Necklace

I’ve loved the nameplate necklace idea ever since seeing it made popular by Carrie Bradshaw on my fave series of all time, Sex and the City, wearing her “Carrie” name around her neck.

Carrie and her famous nameplate necklace.

I’ve wanted to get my own for a long time, but didn’t exactly want my first name for one reason or another.  So recently I saw a local stylist in town (thanks Melanie for passing along this info!) with her own cute personalized gold wired necklace on and just had to know where she got it.  She thankfully spilled the beans that she got it made off of (I mean is there anything you can’t find off this website??)  from an artist WireNameMike who makes 14kt gold filled necklaces with whatever name you want for only $29.99.  Okay, do I sound like an infomercial yet or what?? Ha!

My own nameplate necklace with a more delicate spin on the original Carrie!

Since I haven’t been real jazzed about wearing my actual name around my neck, I decided to incorporate all 3 of my little angels into one word to wear around with me.  So I took the first two letters of each child’s first name, and put them together into my own little word… JaWaVi, which actually rolls off the tongue nicely!

Up close of my original nameplate, JaWaVi!
I mean, what better way to accessorize my neck than to have a little piece of these 3 cuties with me at all times…
I needed a reason to put this photo up bc I just love how you can see my whole family in 
this one shot! 
JA-ck in the middle, WA-lker dancing in front, and VI-vian being held by her daddy.
And my leg on the side;-)
Wearing names or initials as pieces of jewelry is super popular and there are many moms and non-moms that wear their love in the form bracelets to many types of necklaces.  Maybe I should send Mel B. the name of this necklace artist so that she can put her girls names together since she just had her third baby girl, although it hasn’t been released what she named her yet.  I used to be a HUGE Spice Girl fan back in the day!  Congrats to this new celebrity mom!!  
Would you sport your own name or you kids names around your neck??  Do you dig this idea of accessorizing?