How To Highlight Your Facial Features

Most women I know would give anything to have their skin described as “luminous.”  I mean, who doesn’t want to look they are glowing from within rather than having flat matte one dimensional skin??

{My 4 “highlighted” facial features :: eyes, cheekbones, nose, and bow of lip}

There are definitely best spots/areas on a face that highlighting products should be placed to best accentuate your favorite features.  Now I wouldn’t highlight every single facial feature on one face all at once like I’ve shown you above (I’ve just done this so I could kill two bird with one stone and show you all of your options at once)!  But you should stick to one or two areas with highlighter and call it a day.

Below are my “before” highlighting products and then the “after.”

{Before with only matte products applied}

{My After with all 4 highlighted areas}

 My tips for highlighting:

*Product used- Too Faced Cosmetics Snow Bunny Bronzing Powder- I used the pinky/white shades in the palette (not the bronze stripe).  If you want a liquid version, try Benefit’s High Beam, which is good for drier skin and would go underneath your other makeup for a more subtle appearance. For my foundation, I used my newly purchased Revlon PhotoReady Compact makeup in Shell- loving this stuff so far!*
1. Consider your skin tone.  If you have dark skin, pick highlighters that have a warm golden finish- lighter white/silver based ones will leave you looking ashy, not glowy.  Fair skinned ladies can use blue based and silver products for their best complexion.  I used silver based products on my skin.  
{Pressing the highlighter in the tear duct area to make eyes sparkle!}

2. Strategically apply your highlighter.  Like I said before, pick one or two spots to place highlighter and leave the rest of your products matte.  For example, I used two flat grey shadows on my eyes because I knew I would be placing a shimmery silver in the tear duct area and wanted it to be a nice contrast.  I also used a flat bronzer and blush, you get the picture.

{Swiping my highlighter down the bridge of my nose to give definition}
{Applying highlighter right above my cheek color in a C shape from the top of my cheeks to my brow bone}
{To make your lips stand out a bit more, apply a tiny bit of highlighter right above the cupids bow of your mouth.}
{My finished facial features!!}

So there’s how I get that glow and show off my facial features.  I just love the effect of light bouncing off these spots on my face!

What are your current favorite highlighting products? Or do you prefer a more matte face overall?