JennySue Makeup Is Getting A Makeover!

Okay, well I’m not personally getting a makeover (however I’m counting the days until I get my hair cut and colored next week- the grays are seriously killing me!!) but my website will be getting a brand spanking new look in a few days!! Yippee!!

{Miss Viv doing her best makeover impression with mommy’s blush brush!}
Every girl likes a fresh new look every now and then, and it was about time I got some professional help with the look of my blog- she’s been looking a little tired I think;-)  I’ll be honest, I barely have time to  think up, create, then actually post blogs, so I have ZERO time to update my blog site.  That’s why I’ve called in a professional blog designer with an amazing and creative eye for design, Danielle Moss, so check her out as well as her really cute personal blog, Breakfast at Toast.
So keep checking back in the next couple of days ladies to see a BRAND NEW JENNYSUE!!!!
**UPDATE.  Well it’s Friday and it’s up – this is my new look! What do you think of it??** 
Speaking of makeovers- Who is your favorite makeover story?? Mine has to be Kelly Osbourne, she did a major turnaround and still gets my award for top makeover, right next to super chic Nicole Richie– pre- Paris Hilton and The Simple Life show!!