3 Beauty Pageant Makeup Tips Everyone Could Use

I had the pleasure of working with a beauty pageant contestant this weekend, Mrs. Oconee County-Melissa Roberts, for the upcoming Mrs. Georgia Pageant taking place this Sunday. The winner of each state then goes onto compete in the Mrs. America pageant which honors married women throughout the United Sates of America.  

{Melissa and I after I finished her makeup at Yuva Medical Spa – her sponsor for the pageant.}

Each of the 51 contestants (from 50 states and DC), can range in age from the 20 to 50s, and earns the right to participate in the national event by winning her state competition.  I thoroughly enjoyed working with this energetic mother of four and hearing how excited (not nervous!) she was to be entering this competition and being an inspiration to her kids.  

I’m going to share with you a few of the makeup tips I used on Melissa that anyone could use!  The look I did for her was a bit more toned down than I would do for an actual pageant where she would be on stage.  She was going to be attending a mixer where she was meeting the other contestants, various media personalities, and pageant coordinators in a more casual setting, so we went a bit more low key.  But still full on beauty!!

{She wanted to be a more glamorous version of her natural self but not too over the top!}

I’m going to show you a before and after pic of Melissa throughout these three tips so you can see the fun transformation from mom to Mrs. Mah-velous!!!

 {BEFORE- she had great clear skin to work with!}
{AFTER – that great clear skin was enhanced with L’Oreal True Match foundation in shade N6!}

#1.  Skin.  Use a primer and a foundation one shade darker than your actual skin tone.  I know everyone tells you to find your exact shade of foundation, but in this case, using one slightly darker gives her skin an even healthier appearance.  Even though she had fab clear skin to begin with, the use of my Smashbox Photo Finish primer just enhanced it and made the application of the foundation go on with the greatest of ease!  

#2.  Eyes.  When it comes to pageants, besides having nice white teeth (which she already had accomplished!), the eyes need to shine.  Fake that thick lash line with my liner trick.  I used a dark black brown pencil liner to line her upper lash line with, then added a matching dark brown shadow on top to blur the edges and make it smoother.  Then, for added emphasis and ease, draw a thin line of black liquid liner on top of that brown liner.  For liquid liner novices, this makes the application of liquid not as intimidating because you already have a “stencil” to go by and the addition of black makes the lash line pop.  I used NYX Black Eye Liner which has a super skinny tip for easy application.  And don’t forget to add your champagne colored shimmer in the tear duct area for added sparkle!  

{She’s ready to win! Lipcolor is Maybelline’s Super Stay 24 hr Color in So Pearly Pink.}

#3.  Lashes.  Add false lash clumps to fill in the gaps in your natural lash line.  For an actual pageant I would probably apply two strips of false lashes for major oomph that would show up on stage, but for a close mixer, we went for more natural glamour by just using individual falsies.  I apply these at the very end, after eye makeup and mascara has been applied.  I use small drops of clear lash glue to add each individual clump in between the gaps of her natural lashes to create a fuller lash line. I used Ardell medium black clumps on the middle and outside of her lash line, and short black clumps on the inside of the eye.  One coat of black waterproof mascara was applied just at the base of the lashes after these were completed.

I want to thank the great staff and Dr. Reddy of Yuva Medical Spa for giving me the opportunity to work with Melissa in their beautiful facility here in Athens, GA. Check out their Facebook page and like it to see what they have to offer!  And congratulations to Melissa for already winning in my eyes for even having the courage and determination to enter this pageant- I wish you the best of luck with your events this weekend and most importantly have fun!!  

Would you try these beauty pageant makeup tips for yourself??