Age Appropriate Makeup For Young Girls

I remember as a young child, whenever a dance recital or Halloween would come around, I would get so excited because I knew those special occasions allowed me the opportunity to:

 1. get dressed up, and
2. wear makeup…two of my favorite things!!  

{My Vivian interested in my makeup haul from Christmas!}

Most little girls I know are obsessed with the idea of getting dolled up, however there is the age old question that moms like me have, “What is the appropriate amount of makeup a young girl should be allowed to wear??” Now that I have a daughter of my own and will no doubt have to make a decision about what age and what products are going to be acceptable for her to wear when and where. However I do have a formula for what I use on young girls when I am hired for special events.

{Two beautiful junior bridesmaids (and sisters) I worked with who were happy with the
end result as well as their mother! Mission accomplished. Hair by Mint Salon.}
The picture above shows 2 young ladies (ages 11 and 14) I worked with who were junior bridesmaids in their older sisters wedding and wanted their makeup applied.  Of course their mother and sister were adamant that they wanted “age appropriate” makeup and didn’t want them looking older than they should be.  So here is what I did to enhance their natural beauty without smothering them in makeup:
1.  Skin.  Light wash of overall foundation mixed with a liquid luminizer to thin out the foundation applied with a small sponge.  (* this is a step I would completely skip for this age for daily basis application, bc most girls don’t need foundation at this age, just concealer to spot treat.  I used it for this special occasion purpose for evening out skin tone because they were being photographed.)  Concealer was definitely used to conceal any blemishes that needed color correcting.
2.  Eyes.  Keeping these colors light and neutral is key.  Your focus is to bring out the natural eye color and highlight the inner tear duct with a champagne colored shadow.  I used my Urban Decay Naked palette on both girls, brown mascara only, and I used a deep brown shadow along the 14 year old’s lash line, nothing on the 11 year old.  Clear mascara was used to keep brows in place.
3.  Cheeks and Lips.  Blush was a peachy pink color (my fave Sonia Kashuk color in “melon”) and lips had a lip stain plus light lip gloss on top.
Of course this amount of makeup was for a special occasion, a wedding, so I wouldn’t suggest this many steps for everyday because their beauty just doesn’t need it.  I would think lip gloss and maybe some light colored shadow on the lids would be all that was necessary on a daily basis.
So I’m opening the floor up for discussion for all of the mothers of young girls out there or even you ladies who remember when you started wearing makeup…
At what age did you allow your daughter to start wearing makeup and what products did you start off with (example- blush, gloss, etc?).