JennySue Makeup Got Featured In Atlanta Magazine!

Ever since I was a young girl, I dreamed of being in the pages of a magazine like YM or Seventeen. (Yeh- if you remember the YM publication, I have a good idea of how old you are, wink wink!!)  Now saying that, it wasn’t necessarily to be a cover model or even a model at all.  I just thought it would be really cool to just be printed in the pages of a real magazine.  Well, now my little dream has come true, and my Walker has the issue to prove it!!

{My son’s genuine joy of holding the issue that had his mommy inside! He couldn’t believe it!}
I was honored, and honestly quite shocked, to have been asked to be featured in the April issue of Atlanta Magazine, in an article devoted to local fashion and beauty bloggers.  I couldn’t believe that my little beauty blog that I’ve been devoting so much time and effort to for over 3.5 years, was being recognized in such a huge way!  This magazine has such a fantastic reputation and I’m still pinching myself that it actually happened.  
I was also thrilled to meet the other 3 lovely ladies who joined me in their passion for blogging.  It’s amazing to instantly meet someone, (in this case 3 someones) and immediately feel a connection and ease with them because you all have something so personal in common.  Because as we all know, a good blog, is a very personal one!!   Cath from, Mattie from, and Eboni from, were all beyond wonderful and you should definitely check out each and every one of their blogs if you love fashion, Atlanta, the South, or just extraordinary blogs in general!  Each lady has a different perspective on style that shines through in their photos and content.
{Our exchange of business cards. Pretty major huh??}
If you don’t live anywhere near a bookstore that carries Atlanta Magazine (insert sad face), well here is a firsthand peek at our page in the issue (insert happy excited face!) as well as a quick video featuring the 4 of us chatting about our blogs together!
I also took just a few behind the scenes pictures from this super fun day that I can now share with you all!  Since this issue was coming out at the beginning of spring, we were told to wear spring-y type clothes.  I think everyone looks so amazingly different in their outfit choices, that it made the final photo so perfect.  No cookie cutter bloggers here!!!
{From L to R- Eboni, Mattie, me, and Cath.  Just check out the shoes on everyone!!}
{Eboni showing off her posing skills and her fancy camera!  Hers put my rinky dink digital one to shame!  Maybe it’s time for me to upgrade after checking out her blog on our behind the scenes!}
{Of course I have to show you a close up of my makeup for the day!!}

Since I knew the photo was going to be a full length instead of a close up, I wanted my eyes to stand out in the best way possible.  I accomplished that with my go-to black Ardell lashes in “wispies.”  False lashes are the key for accentuating the face, that’s why celebs wear them ALL THE TIME when they know they’re going to be photographed!
I want to take this opportunity to be a bit mushy, so bear with me.  THANK YOU THANK YOU to all of you who follow my JennySue Makeup blog, as well as my Facebook fans and Twitter followers.  Without all of the interest from my loyal makeup lovers, I wouldn’t have kept going with this blog all of these years.  Your comments and feedback are appreciated more than you know, even when I might not have time to answer or comment back, I do read every single comment!!  Is it okay to use my 3 small children, husband, dog, and dirty dishes and laundry as an excuse for this sometime?? Ha!!  But in all seriousness, thanks to everyone who has helped me to continue to evolve this beauty and mommy lifestyle blog into bigger and better things!!  Today Atlanta Magazine, tomorrow, Allure Magazine!!! 
Also, big thanks to Cathy from  and Atlanta Magazine who wrote our fab write ups for the article.  Check her fashion blog out as well for inspiring style ideas under 100 bucks!
So what do you think of our big article?? Do you follow any of these lovely southern ladies?