Are “Violent Lips” Temporary Lip Tattoos Wearable For A Mommy Like Me?

I pride myself in my “mommy with a makeup problem” motto, to provide you all with approachable and realistic makeup looks, techniques, and products.  I’m not into special effects makeup transformations where I apply prosthetic noses and 4 layers of false lashes to turn myself into a sexy alien creature.  I leave that to other makeup bloggers.  However, rules are made to be broken sometimes, and I couldn’t resist trying a sample of the printed temporary lip tattoos, Violent Lips, yesterday and sharing it with you.

 {My sample of Violent Lips. A pack of 3 are usually $14.95}
I received this sample in my goody bag from my visit to the Sassy City Chicks Bash in Atlanta, and let it sit there for a couple weeks until I decided to give these crazy looking things I try.  I was going to a playdate that afternoon with my kids to a really good friends house, so I figured what the heck, if they turn out cool, I wouldn’t feel so weird keeping them on and showing the printed look off!

 {My application process tells you to open up and say “ahhhh” in order to fit them!}
Their website and YouTube has all sorts of videos showing you how to apply these things, so I didn’t bother with making one for this.  Mainly because, it took me forever to get the right size cut out and I have really thin lips so the templates are hilariously large for my tiny mouth!  And once I got the first lower lip done, I knew, this was not something I was going to be able to pull off at my playdate!!

 {Finished product.}
Obviously, I didn’t get the template cut exactly correct because there was a little folding around the edges.  I’ve applied enough temporary tattoos in my life having 2 small sons, so I had figured I would be an expert when applying these things…Not so much.  
But I will give Violent Lips the benefit of the doubt, that if I were to try these a few more times, I’m sure I’d get the hang of it with how wide to open my mouth, cutting, and then being still enough to apply the water to get it to adhere.  Now would I actually buy these printed things to wear out in public (not a carnival or for Halloween), no.  My four year old, came in after I had applied them and was completely intrigued though! He thought they looked really cool…of course he did.

{He wanted us to make a “funny face.”}
{Aren’t these things funny enough??}
I would certainly never be able to pull these printed tattoos off in public, but I will say this, once it was on, it was super hard to get off. Which is great when it comes to a lip color right?!  I had to scrub scrub with my eye makeup remover to get it off.  I wish my normal tubes of lipstick would have this kind of staying power!
Their site does offer a few solid colors, so maybe that would be more of the way to go for this mommy who wears more approachable looks.  The two toned lip look I did awhile back, is about as adventurous as I get when towing the line between wearable and crazy looking! The Violent Lips website is super fun though, and each print has a real person shown wearing them, which I got completely sidetracked looking through!  I mean, they’ve been able to make patriotic and animal prints for your mouth- kind of amazing!  So did I sport these things to my playdate…no:)
Have you tried Violent Lips or would you?  If so, did you go print or safer with a solid color?