JennySue Makeup Product Review :: Cover Girl Lash Blast 24 Hr. Mascara

It’s no secret that one of my favorite drugstore mascara lines is the Cover Girl Lash Blast collection.  The way the wands are structured is one of the reasons I like them because the bendable plastic spools separate and coat each of my lashes so well with minimal clumping.  And now that they’ve come out with a formula that lasts for 24 HOURS, well of course I had to try for myself.

So what did I think of it??

 {Purchased Lash Blast 24 Hr. in Very Black shade, $8.}

 {Bare lashes, only curled.}

{First coat, also showing how BIG the brush head is.}

 {Two coats later.}

{Overview and Underneath view.}
Overall, I give it a 9 out of 10 (will I ever give a mascara a 10?? who knows!!).  What I liked about this mascara was this:
  • Yes, it stayed ALL day long.  It was even hard to remove with my waterproof eye makeup remover.  This would bother some, but for someone like me who doesn’t want her makeup to budge or smear during the day, it’s worth it for a little elbow grease to take it off. 
  • I love the big brush head because I have a decent amount of natural lashes for it to cover.  If you have a really small eye lash line or minimal natural lashes, this mascara is probably not for you because you will make a mess with this super large brush.
  • It hardly clumps at all on me and dries quickly.  
  • The formula keeps the curl in my lashes from fading and straightening back out.
I want to try the other colors in this line now- especially the black/gold and blue/black.  This is going to be a new go to mascara when I want the look to literally last all day long!
Have you tried this new 24 hour formula?  What did you think?

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