Get WOW Lashes With Eye Lash Extensions

Long full lashes are the ultimate feminine accessory on a woman’s face in my opinion.  Mascara is one of the 3 products I refuse to leave the house without because my eyes disappear when I’m not wearing it.  It is also one of the most popular beauty products women buy worldwide because sales in mascara rose 11% last year – so apparently I’m not the only one loving my darker lashes.

 {My new set of Novalash extensions!}
So the fact that these photos are of me with ZERO mascara or eye liner applied is crazy…WHAT??!! Both of these products are usually what it takes to fake a thicker lash line for me.  How did I get such WOW lashes?? Answer. LASH EXTENSIONS.  Photographs speak a thousand words, so here ya go.  I will give you my personal breakdown of this application experience at the end.

Pretty amazing before and afters huh?? Here is what I’m sure you want to know about them because these were things I was curious about as well!!  And if I don’t answer a burning question you have about these miracles of lash – leave me a comment below and I promise to respond back.

1.  How much does it cost?  This service was $150 for the first time application.  I’m sure this differs depending on your area and salon used however.  “Fill-ins” is what it’s called when you have to get them updated when certain hairs start to shed away and you need to fill in the gaps – that varies from $50-75 depending on how many must be replaced.

2.  How long does it last?  My “lash builder” told me 3-4 weeks depending on how your natural lashes react to the whole process.  It depends on how you treat the lashes (makeup removal and such) and your natural lash composition and how they react to the glue and all.

3.  Did it hurt during the application?  No, it didn’t hurt.  Were there moments of being uncomfortable, yes.  You can’t feel anything when the lashes are being glued and placed on top of your natural lashes, it just feels odd when the person applying them has to tug or pull apart lashes that get stuck, but no biggie.

4.  How long did it take for the application?  Mine took an hour of laying on my back with my eyes closed (not too shabby!).  Again, time varies depending on how dramatic of a lash line you want to go.

4.  Can you wear eye makeup with them on?  Yes, but you are told not to wear waterproof mascara with them (will break down the glue) and I was told it won’t be necessary to use an eye lash curler bc they already come pre-curled which is awesome!!  It’s going to be tricky applying eyeliner bc they are so long and already curled, so I will have to let you know how that goes when I get the courage to try eye liner!!

Yes, these are pricey to get and to keep up, but man am I thrilled with the results.   True story- I woke up this morning and the first thing my hubby noticed was my eye lashes!  You wake up not even needing mascara!!  I don’t know how long mine will last until they will need fill ins, which will probably determine if I decide to keep up with them or not.  I might have to start getting loans from my kids piggy banks if I do decide to maintain them…Ha!!

*BIG shout out to my lash builder, Olive, from City Salon and Spa here in Athens.  You did an amazing job with my vision of how much lash drama I wanted! If you are interested in this service, definitely drop into their spa for this lash luxury and tell her you saw her fab work on JSM! ** 

Have you ever had eye lash extensions?  What was your experience?