Celebrity Encounters

I am not going to lie, I get geeked up at the thought of running into a celebrity or even hearing of a friend of mine who ran into one.  It wouldn’t matter if it’s a movie star, sitcom actor, famous singer, or heck, even reality TV stars are pretty popular these days.  So I was pretty thrilled to see this picture my husband Scott snapped of himself with another famous Scott he ran into this past weekend…

 {Scott Disick from Keeping Up With The Kardashians.}
Ok, so it’s not Oprah or Madonna, but he is a pretty legit celeb in the TV world.  (He is Kourtney Kardashian’s boyfriend and father of their two kids, if you aren’t familiar.)  My Scott was attending the Petite Le Mans race this weekend here in Georgia where he met Scott.  You always wonder how friendly or unfriendly people like this might be in person since I’m sure they get approached by so many people and that it could get annoying.  But my hubby said of the brief encounter with Scott, “he was a very cool guy.”  Honestly, I thought that was nice to hear since I feel like Disick might be getting a bad rap due to possible editing on KUWTK just to create drama.  Who knows. 
I am also now living with two tiny celebrities who have been experiencing their 4 seconds of fame on television…

{Still shot of my boys on CMT in the new Dierks Bentley music video!}
Sunday morning was the first time we had seen their video debut and my makeup work on actual TV, and it was pretty cool.   The director of the video, asked me if I would be interested in bringing my boys on set for the 2nd day of shooting once he found out I had kids.  Of course, I wasn’t going to pass up the opportunity to see my little guys in a music video!!  They had a ball, and certainly haven’t let their current fame go to their heads…yet.  Ok, maybe they’re demanding I put their socks and shoes on more often, but that’s the extent of it so far!!  You can click here to see the full video of “Tip It On Back.”
I’ve never really had a super cool up close celeb encounter I can hang my hat on (maybe a few C-list celebs), but I’m still holding out hope.  Some day I’d like to say I had cocktails with Janet Jackson or Victoria Beckham.  Or OK, at least bumped into them on the street!
Have you ever had an up close celebrity encounter?  Tell me in the comments below!