Halloween Dress Rehearsal

This past weekend we attended a pre-Halloween party where I got to practice my lady skeleton look.  A dress rehearsal if you will for my makeup skills before the big day…

 {My BEFORE and AFTER in the same day.}
Have I perfected the scary blank skeleton stare??? Ha!! 
{At work.} 
{My mini-me skeleton, Walker.}
{Doesn’t he look like an ANGEL compared to me here?!}
This look was a complete 180 from my fun & cutesy Velma costume from last year.  It was also super cheap (around $6 total for the different types of white and black tube and cream paints) and made a BIG impact!! I even wore my own clothes, no store bought costume needed.  I do have to give my mom props, because she was around this weekend visiting her grandchildren, and luckily helped me create the neck bone part.  She is an artist in her own right – where do you think I got some of my makeup skills from??  I hope to perfect this even more come actual Halloween night on Wednesday.  
As much as I don’t like scary things AT ALL, this makeup look had me pretty pumped. I enjoyed pretending to be a darker side of me for just a few hours!
Did I pull off the skeleton vibe?  Do you dress up for Halloween?