Mad For MAC’s Best Red Lipstick “Ruby Woo”

Nobody beats MAC Cosmetics selection of red lipsticks in my opinion.  They have cornered the market on producing some of the best shades of scarlet out there in many different finishes.  And my newest purchase of “Ruby Woo” ($15) is right on up there at the top of the list of my favorite reds.  There’s something about a red lip that gives me the confidence to act goofy!

On the MAC official website, this shade is described as…

“very matte vivid blue red.” 

I would have to say that is a spot on way to explain this color.  I love red lipstick in matte formulas (and this one is super duper matte!) because I feel it makes the look very classy, sophisticated, and understated as opposed to an in your face glossy red.  This has always been one of my beauty conundrums however as to whether I pull off glossy or matte red lips better.  I know, I have issues.

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Apparently Ruby Woo is Gwen Stefani’s red of choice, and you all know how much I heart this mama for many reasons!!! I am mad for Ruby Woo, and give it a big excited, WOO HOO!!!!  
Have you tried this color by MAC?  What’s your favorite brand of red lipstick?