The Magic Eye Shadow Tape Trick

Who doesn’t like a fun new magic makeup trick that makes us feel like we have mad makeup skills?!  Here’s a look at the popular TAPE TRICK for getting a more precise lifted eye shadow look.

I had to use old sticky name tags because I had run out of scotch tape, but they actually worked really well.  I could even have cut them down further, but the bigger the piece, the less mess falling onto my cheeks and already applied foundation and concealer.  I recommend unsticking whatever type of tape you use, and pulling it on and off of the skin on the back of your hand a few times so that it’s not too too sticky and hurts your face once applied:)  That would be tragic, and I don’t want to get any nasty comments that I made you rip your skin off – ha!!  So you’ve been warned.

1.  Line up your tape from the end of your lash line and connect it towards the end of your last brow hair for the best diagonal line.  But you can adjust this depending on how dramatic and far out you want your shadow to go.

2.  I used my Naked Palette from Urban Decay, and applied a light tan color first from lash line to crease (naked), then followed up a shimmery bronze (smog) just on the outer corners from pupil towards the end of the brow.  You can tell how much shadow falls onto the white name tag, which shows you how much fall out you get when applying shadow!

3.  The outcome after the name tag is removed.  You can either keep it sharp like this, or….

4. …smudge the sharp edge with you finger to blend and make softer.

5.  Blended, no liner yet.

6.  You can also go a step further and use your liner in the same manner and draw it upwards along the edge of the tape as high as you want the winged look to go.

7.  I used the shadow brush that came with my Naked palette to blend the edge of the liner and pull the  color (smog) down slightly onto the outer corners of the lower lash line.

8.  Placement of shadow is just right for an illusion of a lifted eye look!

9.  The finished look.  My blush is “Fleur Power” by MAC and lip gloss by Revlon Super Lustrous in “Pink Afterglow.”

I have even used the straight edge of a triangle makeup sponge before which gets the same end result, but I figured the tape idea seemed a bit more stable and leaves you hands free.  I think this is a great trick for those that aren’t comfortable with getting that shadow perfectly placed on the outer corners of the eyes.

Have you ever tried this magic tape trick?  Do you have any tricks up your sleeve when it comes to eye makeup that you want to share??