The Secret To Keeping Neutral Makeup From Being Boring!

There is a very easy rule of thumb on how to keep your beloved neutral makeup colors from looking completely dull and boring on your face (and you know I hate to say there are any rules in makeup application!).  The 3 main components of a face where you apply color consist of eyes – cheeks – lips.  So my rule of 3, is to apply your comfortable neutrals to 2 of the 3 features, then give the 3rd a punch of color!! 

 {A bright scarf around your neck doesn’t hurt to brighten up your neutral makeup choices!}
I chose to go with a few of my favorite neutral products on my eyes and lips on a day I was in a hurry to do my makeup, then added my punch of color on my cheeks with a bright orange blush.  Here are the 3 main components I used from left to right.
{MAC “cork” shadow | Clinique Chubby Stick “heaping hazelnut”  | Sonia Kashuk blush “sunset”}
{A bright blush keeps my dull winter complexion from looking just that…dull!}
{“Cork” is one of my FAVE brown shadows! A brown liquid liner was also used.}
{This is my secret weapon – happy bright cheek color!}
So there it is, my BIG secret makeup trick for keeping neutrals from looking boring! Not so hard to understand and implement right??  And there are all sorts of ways to mix up this rule:
  • If you like safer neutrals on your cheeks and eyes, then wear a bright colorful lip gloss!
  • If you aren’t afraid of bright shadows like blues, purples, and greens, then pair them with your neutral blushes and lip colors.
What do you think of this 1 bright to 2 neutral color rule??

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