New Drugstore Beauty Products :: Breakthroughs OR Busts

If you were looking for a Valentine themed blog, rush to the bottom of this post to find my favorite links.  If you’re already over this much hyped about holiday, stick around for this part that has zero to do with Cupid.

There is a magnetic force in the drugstore that draws me towards the makeup aisles.  I’m not kidding – completely serious.  Even if I’m just there to buy baby wipes or bananas, I feel the need to buy a blush.

 {L’Oreal Colour Caresse Wet Shine Stain in “Pink Rebellion.” $9.99}

{Cover Girl Clump Crusher mascara by Lash Blast. $6.99}

Here are two new drugstore products from L’Oreal and Cover Girl that have been getting lots of love in the way of multiple ads in magazines and TV commercial air time.  Here are my personal opinions on whether or not these two were worth all the hype.

1st product : Wet Shine Lip Stain

This stain is supposed to be a semi knockoff version of the much talked about YSL Glossy Stains I tried out here, that is to have the staying power of a stain with the look of a lipgloss without the sticky feel.  This formula feels just like I’m swiping on water – almost weirdly water-like.  It took 2 coats of it to get this deep of a shade, which still doesn’t look nearly as pigmented as the advertisement (of course I bought the same shade in the ad – I’m a sucker.).

 {Bare lips on left,  two coats later on right.}

 So did I find it to be a BREAKTHROUGH or BUST?  I’d hate to categorize it as a total bust bc I do love the feel of putting it on, very hydrating as claimed.  However, it’s not the breakthrough it claims to be because the staying power is not all that and the color payoff is certainly not what it looks like in the ad campaigns (major shine! photo shopped shine obviously).  The color in the tube looks light a super bright and punchy Pepto Bismol pink – It has a lot less punch on. Will I try another shade to see if performs differently, probably.  I like to give second chances.
2nd Product : Clump Crusher Mascara 

{The magic wand.}

{From L to R – 0 coats, 1 coat, 2 coats. Clump FREE!}
{New mascara and lipstick ON!}
So BREAKTHROUGH OR BUST for the mascara?  Total breakthrough.  I tried my best to get this stuff to clump up.  I took that wand every which-a-way on my lashes and the wand just crushed up any slight clump on my lashes and separated effortlessly.  I found this mascara to be more lengthening than thickening though. My lashes look longer than ever but not super thick.  But that’s okay, because I didn’t have to spend any time trying to comb thru yucky spider lashes.
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