Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Happiest Christmas Tree Ever

It's amazing what some colorful ornaments, blinking snowmen, glitter, and fake snow can do for a bare tree.  May I present the happiest Christmas tree ever...

My "Be Bright + Be-YOU-tiful " tree.  Photo by Blane Marable Photography.

Ok, so maybe I'm partial because this is the tree I sponsored during the Festival of Trees to benefit the kids of Extra Special People (original post with details) which was made possible by local gift wholesaler burton + BURTON™.  They took my vision for what I wanted for my JennySue Makeup tree to the next level and made it happen with their amazing and unique collection of colorful ornaments and decor.

Here is a look at where I started right up until the final product...

Not the best video ever, but wanted to show it in action! 

I didn't want to go traditional red and greens for my tree. I wanted colorful and bright shades of turquoise, pinks, purples, and greens that represent how much fun makeup can be and really make something plain (my naked fake tree!) into something stunning and happy to look at. Plus with the addition of butterflies and snowflakes to represent the uniqueness and beauty surrounding this foundation of children and adults living and thriving with developmental disabilities.

 The yellow paper lantern was the ultimate tree topper with colorful glitter sprays!

 Blinking snowmen, sequined balls, light bulbs, and snowflakes.  Plus jeweled butterflies!

The Cubez™ balloons that looked like gifts under the tree with beautiful wired ribbon added to them!  
These balloons were a big hit and we had lots of people commenting on how unique these were.

 The wonderful ladies from burton + BURTON™ who made this tree possible.  
From left to right - Erin, Elizabeth, me, Maxine (founder), and Kacie.

My outfit for the night from fab'rik. Wanted to mimic the bright colors of my tree!

The hubs and I made a date night out of it! Photo by Blane Marable.

There were around 48 trees in all that were decorated by local businesses here in Athens and were auctioned off with all of the proceeds going to Extra Special People.  I am so thankful I got to be a part of this community event and got to meet some of the people this organization supports.  

I cannot express my thanks and gratefulness enough to burton + BURTON™ for providing the flair for my tree! Be sure to check them out on : Facebook * Pinterest * Twitter * and their website, for all of your gift and decor inspiration and needs!

Do you think this turned out to be one of the happiest trees you've ever seen?
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Mirela Kasimovic said...

Whoa!! Its amazing and colorful. It seems you guys had a great time decorating it. Good Job Burton!! Have a wonderful Christmas Jenny :)Snow man is damn cute :)

With Love <3
Mirela Kasimovic (