Monday, January 6, 2014

YSL Glossy Balm Can Make A Sweatshirt Feel Glamorous

I've been bumming around the house in sweatpants all weekend taking down the rest of my Christmas decorations (finally) while enduring this unusually cold Georgia weather. And even though my hair has been in a perpetual messy bun and very little makeup, a few swipes of my newest YSL Glossy Balm makes me feel a little bit better about myself...

 {Swatch without flash.}

 {Swatch with flash.}

{Don't kissy faces show lip colors in the best way??}

Why I love these glossy balms:
  • the packaging - The tube is slightly heavier than most of my lipsticks, shiny silver and gold, and it has the YSL etched all around.  It's pure glamour before you even swipe it on.
  • the formula - The best part in my opinion.  I've never felt anything like it - the closest I've come are the Fresh Sugar lip treatments, but they still don't touch this YSL version.  With it being cold and windy, and my lips feel like a chapped hot mess. This stuff feels better than any lip treatment I've tried.  And it makes me want to keep applying, and keep applying, and keep applying bc it feels SO GOOD.
  • the color - The sheer yumminess of these colors are a big payoff.  It's definitely not like lipstick because of how sheer it is, but it is not a gloss because it has ZERO stickiness.  However, each shade ends up being super shiny!! This particular shade, Sweet Fig #7, is more of a burnt red color.  It has a warm tone with an ever so slight hint of deep orange.  In the tube, it looks straight up red, but it definitely tends more orangey on me. All of that being said, it makes this an easy red to pull off without looking like you're trying too hard.
My first color I ever owned of this formula was the #4 which is more of a shocking cotton candy pink.  I have spoken about it numerous times on my blog, but realized I've never done a post on it with swatches! Promise to share and include #4 real soon because I am obsessed with it too. 

Other makeup worn in this post:
L'Oreal True Match blush in "apricot kiss"
Naked 2 palette for eye shadows. Recent post on it here.
My Victoria's Secret PINK half zip up sweatshirt I'm obsessed with, similar style HERE. It's so so soft.

With all of that being said, this is why the YSL balms are the perfect lip product to wear with sweatshirts and yoga pants.  It's the Louboutin to your tennis shoes of lip products!

Do you own any of the YSL Glossy Balms? What is your favorite shade?

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