Monday, February 24, 2014

Monday Beauty Mantra

"Every flower that blooms, has to go through a whole lot of dirt."
author unknown

We had the MOST gorgeous weekend here in Athens.  Especially after our wild southern snow spell, the 70 degree temps were a warm welcome.  So when the weather gets spring-like, it inspires me to plant flowers.  Even though I have the blackest thumb on the planet and kill these things as soon as I plant them, it still makes me happy to try and keep them alive.  And who knew that Vivian would be so into the planting process?! She absolutely loved it, even with all of the dirt and soil involved.

So I love this quote because it is the perfect analogy of how things in life happen.  You have to endure a lot of yucky "dirt" to get those beautiful "bloom" moments.  I have often felt sorry for myself when going through unfortunately tough moments and seeing those stumbling blocks as dead ends - that nothing good can come of them.  But as cliche as it sounds, those bad times actually make the good times look and feel even better.  In my life, I've had difficult moments like the struggle to have children, to watching my husband endure multiple layoffs in business, to wondering why I put so much effort into my blog when at times it doesn't seem to be going anywhere - the end results always trump those extreme hard times we have had in our family.

We now have 3 healthy children (I always prayed for at least ONE when I didn't even think I would have any), those layoffs made my husband finally find a job he is proud of, and my blog has landed me amazing opportunities I never dreamed of.  Now this isn't to say this makes parenting or keeping these jobs easier, but they make us appreciate both more than if we had easily gotten pregnant and he had kept the same job for years without interruption in our financial situation. And even when my husband was going through those tough times of job searching, he stayed positive and encouraged me to start my own business and blog as something we could focus our energy on, which now I couldn't imagine my life without.  We are living proof that blooms are a direct result of dirt.

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