Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Only Brow Pencil You Will Ever Need : DiorShow Brow Styler

I am brow obsessed.  It's the one part of my face I literally won't walk out of the house without them being done.  It's also the first feature I work with on my makeup clients because if the brows look good, the rest of the face is well on its way.  Yet it is always tricky finding just the right brow product to match each persons specific brow color...until now.  Introducing a "universal" brow pencil shade...

So when I was introduced to the following DiorShow Brow Styler, $29, that only comes in one shade, Universal Brown 001, I was skeptical. How can they offer only ONE shade choice for the gazillions of different shades of brows out there??  No other company does that - most brow options come in at least 4 options from blonde, light brown, medium brown, to dark brown, and black!  But seriously, it lives up to its claims - it is universal - it works on every client (including myself) I've used it on so far. Amazing.

{Yes this is my attempt at drawing a mini-eyebrow on my hand to show you the color swatch!!}

Here is a before and after comparison of Olive to show you what this pencil can do.

I was demonstrating a brow tutorial on Olive for a few other beauty industry folks here in town recently, and usually I use a couple different products to fill in brows whether it be brow wax + pencil, or shadow + colored brow gel, but this Brow Styler was all I needed.  Even though she is a different skin tone than me with much lighter natural brows than mine, this pencil still worked for her just as well as it does on me.

I love the consistency of it because it's just dry enough to have staying power but draws on smoothly and is easy to layer if you want to keep going darker.  The outcome is super natural and doesn't look scary or produce harsh lines.  And the spooly thing on the end makes brushing the product through a breeze, so it's literally an all in one product with no extra comb or brush needed.  I'm a fan for life of this pencil.  I hope it lasts me a long time at the 29 bucks price tag, but honestly, it's worth every penny in my book.

*Just a reminder to all of you Atlanta, Ga makeup lovers! If you are in the area on March 15th, come see me at Lenox Bloomingdale's for a fun beauty event - details HERE.  They have a Dior counter so you can come pick yourself up one of this babies!*

Have you tried this Dior pencil?  What did you think?

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