Tiny Dancer

Vivian has her first ever ballet recital this weekend and these pics are from her dress rehearsal.  I started doing ballet at the same age of 3.  I have always loved to dance, especially ballet, and secretly once I found out I was having a little girl, longed for the day when I could enroll her in her first lesson.  I’m no “dance mom” by any means, but I have enjoyed watching her grow in her love of dancing as this year has passed and seeing her do a tendu or an arabesque and actually use the correct term as she performs it!

And of course, as she seems to appreciate the art of ballet like I did, she also digs a good red lip which was required for her performances…oh goody!!!  The dance studio also wanted eyeshadow and mascara added, but when her eyes started fluttering as I came at her with a mascara wand, we quickly bailed on that idea and just went for the hot pink cheeks and bright red lips. Which honestly, was just enough for the this angelic face.   Her brothers immediately commented on how “different” she looked but that she looked “SO pretty!”  She’s actually wearing the same Milani blush I did in this blogger collaboration but I layered it a lot heavier for her stage performance.  And I learned quickly that when applying red lipstick to a tiny dancer, that they mess with their mouths a lot, so a stay put lip product like Wet n’ Wild megalast liquid lipstick was a must so it didn’t end up on that lavender costume!!

Of course I expect her to do the occasional stop and stare at her classmates to see what comes next during her performance but I don’t care.  Even though she is so little, she has the courage to be on that big stage, and that confidence is all that matters.  I’m already so proud of my tiny dancer.

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