What It Takes To Get That “Natural” Look

I am a big fan of creating beauty looks that get your FACE noticed, NOT your makeup.  However I always get a little giggle inside when a client tells me they want me to make them better but want to look “natural.”  Cue me shocking them by pulling out multiple products in order to achieve that so called simply natural look…

^^ My version of NATURAL! ^^

Shop all it takes to get my natural look :

Of course everyone has a different version of natural.  My love of makeup makes my natural version probably a bit more extreme than a woman who thinks tinted moisturizer and lip balm is going crazy!!  But here are some of my best basic tips for looking naturally great!

My #1 way to pull off that natural look is to get the SKIN right. This is where it’s the most crucial to pull off natural, because NO ONE likes a base face.  You know what I’m talking about – base face is a complete giveaway you’re wearing makeup.  That’s why the PRIMER is necessary because it allows you to get a flawless skin base that is foolproof to apply and colorless.  That way, you can use very little of your foundation and concealer because your skin already looks pretty good without the colored products.

After your primer, go onto your FOUNDATION, then spot treat any super dark areas (like under eyes and sides of nose) with your CONCEALER.  Apply in sheer layers and give it a few minutes to sink in so you can see how little you actually need.

 ^^ Tessa stud earrings c/o Kendra Scott. My new favorite go with everything earrings! ^^

Even though you might think my BRIGHT BLUSH wouldn’t be considered natural, you need a little  to bring your complexion to life.  Skin just doesn’t look as pretty without some color on the cheeks, point blank.

The EYES are the windows to the soul (remember this funny post) and must be played up as well.  I typically use at least 2-3 products to get my BROWS perfect, but for my natural look, I downplayed them a bit by using one dark blonde pencil (as opposed to my usual brunette pencils and waxes) to fill in and that was it.

I winged up my liquid liner for more definition (but used a brown color as opposed to a stark black) and used a soft combo of taupes on my EYE BEDS from the Naked 2 palette.  It just makes sense to get a natural look using a palette with the word “naked” in it right??

Exact colors used were:

  • “foxy” all over the lid, 
  • “bootycall” from lash line to crease (tee hee hee, that color gets me every time), 
  • combo of “tease” and “YDK” just in the crease, 
  • then “snakebite” along the lower lash line.
  • (One product I forgot to include was the espresso brown eyeliner I used inside the lower inner waterline.)

High Shine Liquid Lipstick c/o Mally Beauty in “Pearly Girl.”

Lastly, the LIPS went super glossy and sheer and was the easiest feature to pull off for a natural look.  Red or fuchsia lips never = natural.  So I used this Mally Beauty liquid lipstick I was recently sent  that has minimal color but lots of iridescent champagne pigments that bounced off my natural lip color to enhance it.

So there you have it, 12 makeup products to naturally look your best!!  Hahaha!!  Do you have any best kept secrets to looking natural while wearing makeup?

*The liquid lipstick and earrings were sent to me for consideration only by Mally Beauty and Kendra Scott.  All opinions expressed are honest and my own. **

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