The Face Of Fall

It’s approaching 100 degrees here in Georgia on the daily right now, but it’s impossible to get away from the hopes and idea of cooler temps ahead.  I have stacks of August magazine issues with loads of ads and inspiration forecasting the upcoming looks for the fall season.  After searching through them all, here is what I’m seeing the Face Of Fall of will look like…

Gone will be the fresh pinks and bright coral glossy pouts.  Time to welcome in those vampy dark burgundy and blackberry lips that will take center stage. Good news about these bold lips, they require you to wear very little other makeup – think bb cream, champagne shadow, mascara, DONE!
Get the look :  Nars “Train Bleu” (deep aubergine) Velvet Matte Lip Pencil, $25

Instead of the poppy bright blushes of summer, get your contour on and highlight those cheekbones!  Don’t have supermodel bone structure like Joan above? No problem.  All you need is a contour kit to get the most realistic chiseled cheekbones and nose.  Go for a palette that comes with a couple of dark and light shades to get it just right.
Get the look :  Smashbox Step by Step Contour Kit, $45
Okay so it’s not part of the face, but nails are so much fun and the easiest thing to switch up your look with, especially once a new season comes around. With all of the drama that the vampy lips and heavy sweaters and denim will bring, nails are a great place to bring the new neutral – Gray Nails!  And I think gray (or is it grey??) they look sophisticated matte and/or shiny, so take your pick!
Get the look :  Julep “Daria” (dark slate creme gray” Polish, $14
This look by Charlotte Tilbury immediately got me repinning it when I found it on Pinterest! I just love the warm forest green eyes that are even paired with my extreme contour look above!  Deep emerald and forest greens look warm and sultry and keep the green around that might be fading with the fall leaves.
Get this entire look :  Charlotte Tilbury Rebel Set, $225.  
If you want JUST the eyes, try this cheaper option, Palladio Deep Forest Trio, $8.

Skin can start to look gray, ashy, and dry as soon as the healthy bronzed summer skin is a thing of the past.  Keep that skin looking soft and supple by moisturizing like crazy (yes even you oily skinned ladies) and finding the right skin makeup to keep things dewy and fresh looking.
On another note, Kylie Jenner’s makeup here is seriously flawless and inspires me to embrace my upcoming pale skin come fall/winter!!
Get the look :   Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Ultra Definition Liquid Makeup, $39.

*Side note on this product, have yet to try this UD makeup out, but have read countless great reviews on it so it’s going to be something I treat myself too this fall! Let me know if you have!*
Are you thinking Fall makeup yet?  How will you be switching up your look for the cooler temps ahead?

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