The Makeup Show NYC Part 2 : Travel Blog With A Makeup Twist



Day two of The Makeup Show proved to be equally as exciting day as the first was.

I mean, can’t you tell by the looks of these two photos of the amazing quality of makeup work that was on display??

Maybe Monday was even more thrilling because I wasn’t SO tired and got a good nights sleep at my hotel after a very long Sunday before of being awake for over 20 hours.  The crowds had also died down just a little so it wasn’t so overwhelming with people!  If you need to see what happened my first day at The Makeup Show in NYC, click here for day one.

Dream Hotel Downtown NYC

Fast forward to this photo of the pool at Dream Hotel Downtown where my friend and I enjoyed a much needed glass of wine after winding down from a long day at The Makeup Show (which is rare in NYC for a hotel to have an outdoor pool!).  Isn’t this architecture and scenery just spectacular?!  I couldn’t get over how beautiful and mild the weather was in New York and how lucky we got to be there with all of this sunshine.

Ok, so rewind and back to the show!the_makeup_show_nyc

Two of my favorite makeup brands, Kat Von D Beauty and Make Up For Ever, were both at the show.  And both were equally as packed with devoted fans of their products!!

I picked up a bottle of the MUFE HD Invisible Cover foundation (in shade 120 – the perfect match for me) after watching a quick presentation one of their artists did on a passer by and couldn’t help but snatch up one for myself to see if it would give me the flawless complexion it did on the lady from the crowd!  Teaser – yes it does.  Many blog posts featuring my HD like skin due to it to come for sure.

And when it comes to Kat Von D’s makeup line, y’all know if you read my blog regularly, I can’t do a winged eye without her amazing Tattoo liner in “trooper” which is the best liquid liner pen on the market. Seriously.  And it does not budge once on – hence the descriptive “tattoo” in the product name.

But what made the KVD visit so exciting, was that she was actually THERE taking photos with her fans!! OMG.  This mom of three completely dorked out because I have watched all of her reality shows (Miami Ink and LA Ink) which have been on tattooing because it fascinates me that people can create works of art on the skin with a moving needle!

This led me to become an even bigger fan when she created her own makeup line that I wasn’t going to pass up meeting her in person.  I was blown away by her patience with each fan that waited in line to get their photo made with her and her willingness to chat it up once we were there next to her!  She was so gorgeous in person but her personality took it to the next level.

Kat_Von _D_Beauty_The_Makeup_Show_NYCThis photo makes her look super tall but I think it was her killer stacked shoes that made me and Caroline look like short shrimps:)  The_Makeup_Show_beauty_vendorsThis was my beauty haul from the show which shows I bought KVD tattoo pen for the brows in “light brown” which I really like the way it draws on but unfortunately the color was too red for my ashy brown brows.  Good thing is, I can use it in my makeup work on other clients with redder brow hair! Her brand also gave out the little lip tattoos you see in this pic which my daughter was obsessed with.

Other goodies I came away with were :

  • Ben Nye Banana luxury powder.  The holy grail of setting powders to even out red and pink undertones as well as neutralizing blueish under eye circles. I’ve been wanting to get my hands on this stuff for forever!!
  • Model In A Bottle makeup setting spray.
  • Model In A Bottle brow sealer Geez, does this brow sealer work like a charm – my unruly brows do not move when this stuff is applied.  No color, just a thin liquid that goes over your brow products and keeps them in place with a mascara like wand.
  • Inglot 4 palette of glosses and lipsticks that I customized.
  • Nars “Turkish Delight” gloss, which this is the 4th one I’ve bought. Obsessed with it’s white based sexy pink shade. Oh, and got my Nars Pro Industry card where now I get discounts on all their products!! Uh oh, my wallet is in trouble.
  • Naked Advanced Skin cream. This was a brand I hadn’t ever heard of before, but got this sample from one of the owners and I must say, after two days of putting it in place of my moisturizer and primer (it acts like both) my dry skin loves it.  Very dense and creamy but soaks in immediately.

Esqido mink lashes

Now it wouldn’t be a makeup blog if I didn’t share a little bit about my makeup I chose to wear during the show!

I shared on my first post my Esqido mink lashes I tried to apply on the first day on the plane (no luck, had to do in a bathroom when landed), but had to share how they looked on the second day here as well.  This style I’m wearing is their “Little Black Lash” and it is one of my favorites from their collection and took my eye makeup look to the next level.  The great thing about their lashes is if you take good care removing them, I have found you can  use them up to 10 times.

*Tip : I have to clip the ends off of  mine to customize them because the strip is a little too long for my lash line in this style, but it’s easy to do.  I clip off from the end where the longer length is, not the shorter ones so they look more realistic.*

I couldn’t believe how many LASHES were at show too – it seemed like everyone I walked by had the most gorgeous fluttery lashes on and there were tons being sold!! Guess that is how us makeup pros roll:) The more lashes the better!

fresh flowers in Chelsea market NYC

Here is some flower eye candy for your viewing pleasure that I found at Chelsea Market when we took a lunch break from all the going we had been doing.  I literally had to “stop and smell the flowers” because the whiff I caught of them while walking by was divine and helped to calm me from such a busy day.  NYC is intense y’all.

But after lunch it was back to the show where I listen to two key note speakers and demonstrations from two celeb makeup artists, Rebecca Restrepo and Derrick Rutledge.

makeup sessions at the makeup show nyc


Rebecca is the Global Artist for Elizabeth Arden and has worked with the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow and Kelly Ripa.  She had the best live demo where I learned a few things on individual lash application and her tips for perfecting the skin. Her energy was just awesome and made me wish she would do MY makeup!!  She seems super fun to be around, as applying makeup should feel!

My day ended by listening to an inspirational speech given by Derrick Rutledge who has been Michelle Obama and Oprah’s makeup artist for years.  Of course I was going to listen what this guy had to say!! Basically he shared his hard times with his health and family growing up, which we all can relate to struggles in some way shape or form, but that he stuck with what he loved (makeup), remained hopeful, worked hard, and landed working with two very influential women because of his faith and passion for what he does.

Does this mean I’m guaranteed to eventually work with Gwen Stefani in the future if I stay positive and working hard?? Ha!!! She would be my dream client and would love to pick her brain on how she does it all (mom of 3, singer, designer) while staying so glamorous!!  Overall, I’d say my first Makeup Show was a success and I learned more in those two days than I could have dreamed.  Of course I’m glad to be back home with my family, but I would be lying if I said I wasn’t looking forward to going back to the Big Apple.

Maybe next time it will be to work with fellow mama Gwen…and naturally I’ll take my kids along this time so I don’t miss them so much.