Almost Flawless : How I Get A (Almost!) Flawless Complexion

how-to-achieve-flawless-complexion how-to-achieve-a-flawless-complexionhow-to-get-a-flawless-complexionalmost-flawless-complexion

The last step in how I finish my “almost” flawless complexion is with this magic in a bottle above.  Keep reading to find out what it is…

No complexion is perfect.

Don’t compare yourself to all of those Instagram posts from makeup companies, beauty bloggers, and celebrities you see with unbelievably smooth, pore free, wrinkle free, and perfect skin.  That skin is most likely the result of photoshop and/or  beauty apps where the skin be smoothed and cover up blemishes with the touch of a button. Kim Kardashian admitted that her favorite beauty app, Perfect 365, is what she uses to create her flawless complexion posts that she shares with her millions of followers!

So my point being, do those people look like that in real life…Probably not.

Even I am guilty of removing an ugly bump with my retouch/edit button on my computer because I just don’t want that to be the focal point when I share my picture with the world!  I also use really good filtered lighting when taking my photos the majority of the time for my blog posts (above pics included).  So I’m just saying, sometimes those “flawless” complexions are the result of a lot of manipulation.

It feels good to be having a “good skin day” doesn’t it?

So with all of that being said about “social media skin smoke and mirrors,”  I wanted to share with you what I have been wearing recently that works for getting my skin close to appearing perfect in person for my age, 38.  I can’t stress enough, that we all are different with what type of skin we have (dry, oily, sensitive, etc) and what we want our complexion outcome to be (light or sheer coverage, moderate, or full on face makeup).

So you have to first be confident with embracing what you are dealing with and don’t have unrealistic expectations. Ok, I’m through with my skin pep talk!

Here are my latest and greatest products & tools for creating an almost flawless complexion…


1. Skin Prep – MAC Marine Bright Softening Lotion.  I use this with an exfoliating cotton pad to wipe all over my skin to get it ready and plump it up for all the makeup about to go on. It’s got potent amounts of vitamin C which help to brighten skin.  It’s very refreshing!

2. Skin Primer – Benefit POREfessional.  I apply this only if I am feeling my pores are waving at everyone that day!  I use it after my moisturizer & softening lotion and with my fingers all over my face. A very light coating is all you need.  Don’t overdo this product! (Previous blog post review on this primer HERE).

2.  Eyelid Primer – MAC Paint Pot in “Painterly.”  These are colored eye bases you can use to brighten up the eye bed area before you apply your shadows.  They help to create a smoother surface on the eyelid by covering up veins and lightening up the entire area.  You can apply this with your fingers or a concealer brush – I use a concealer brush.


3. Foundation – Make Up For Ever HD Invisible Cover foundation     Even though it’s a bit pricey, I sure do love this stuff.  It’s not too sheer, but also not too heavy, and I can layer it to create such a pretty skin that seems to breathe.  I apply it with my favorite dual brush…see #4.

4. Foundation Brush – it Cosmetics Heavenly Luxe Dual foundation + concealer brush.  This is the greatest thing since the Beauty Blender sponge.  I still love my beauty blender, but sometimes I’m not in the mood to get my fingers dirty, so I reach for this tool.  It applies makeup so beautifully to where it is almost buffering it into your skin.  The bristles are soft like silk.  (Previous blog post review on this brush HERE.)

5.  Concealer – I sometimes use three shades of concealer.  Yep, three.  And I have to put this out there – there is no TRUE creaseless concealer out there. I’d love for someone to disagree with me on this.  But the best way to apply it is to push the product in lightly with a brush or the tips of your fingers. No swiping on the top layer of skin – you need to PRESS the products into the skin with a rolling motion.  Thin layers of concealer every time.

Ok so here is why I occasionally use 3 colors : One, is a pinky peach based one, Maybelline Age Rewind Dark Circle Erase in “brightener” to brighten up my brownish purple under eye circles. Secondly, I use a a flesh colored concealer that is only 1 shade lighter than my skin tone from it Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer in “light,” to put over my peach shade after it has dried for a bit.  This is if my circles are especially dark and ugly!  Then only if I need to, I use a yellow based shade of the same Maybelline product above, but in color “neutralizer” to tone down any red spots or blemishes and around the sides of my nose where natural redness can occur.  I use the above it Cosmetic makeup brush because it has a concealer side too.  I also often use this MAC brush #287 for concealer even though it says it’s for eyeshadow, I love it! (Here is a #JSMinute video I mentioned this Maybelline product in)

6. Setting Powder – Physicians Formula Youth Boosting Mattifying Face Powder.  I don’t like a full face powdered bc I feel it gives you a one dimensional look.  I just apply powder where I tend to get shiny, right under my chin and down my nose and middle of forehead.  I use a light fluffy brush for this.

7.  Highlighter – it Cosmetics Anti Aging Luminizing Creme Stick.  If you’re prone to looking oily, I might would skip this step/product. But I am dry so I like a little illuminating in my life!  I rub this onto my middle finger then dot it onto the tops of my cheekbones and cupids bow of my lip.

8.  Finishing Spray – MAC Prep and Primer Fix + Plus Spray.  The product I look so happy with in the last picture up top!  Notice I said “finishing spray” not “setting spray”.  It does NOT give it longevity like a setting spray does!  This product is formulated to take off the cakey and powdery look of your makeup so it will leave your skin looking refreshed.  To use, apply your makeup as usual and then hold the spray a couple inches away from your face, spray and you will notice that your skin looks more refreshed and less “made up”. That’s what this product is made to do while also soothing the skin due to ingredients like aloe and caffeine.  It has many other uses like  diluting heavy concealer and thinning it out a bit when sprayed onto your concealer brush, can also be used before makeup is applied (use in place of primer), and is a great makeup refresher throughout the day if you skin is feeling a bit dry.

Hopefully that wasn’t overwhelming, but I definitely go the extra mile for getting a flawless complexion!

COMING UP NEXT :  Of course SKINCARE is the #1 way to start achieving a more flawless complexion, so that will be my next post on what I’m currently doing for my skin before the makeup goes on!