The Secret To Glowing Skin In One Day : My HydraFacial Experience


The HydraFacial is known as one of THE pre-red carpet treatments for the stars.  But this normal gal had her very own HydraFacial experience despite having no red carpet to walk!

Check out the video below to follow along with me and hear my candid first impressions of my HydraFacial experience getting this treatment for the very first time!

Now can you see why celebs are big fans of this treatment??  

This is going to be my new secret weapon when I have a major event to go to and need a glowing complexion fast.  Being a makeup artist, the HydraFacial would also be something I would wholeheartedly recommend to future brides that want their skin to look top notch on their wedding day.

Here is a brief breakdown of this skin resurfacing procedure :

  • provides deep cleansing,
  • exfoliation,
  • extraction,
  • and hydration
  • using a variety of antioxidants and acids.
  • The best part is it’s noninvasive,
  • and delivers instant results with no downtime.

Here are two shots after the treatment with no makeup and with makeup, just for fun.

As you saw in the video, you know what a BIG deal it is that I am sharing my totally bare face on this blog!!! (insert monkey covering eyes emoji!)

BEFORE MAKEUP…. (kinda blurry bc I took this with my front facing camera on my iPhone)




I’ve never seen my skin glow SO naturally without any makeup!  When I did apply my makeup the next day, the facial seriously made my beauty products visibly perform that much better. 

The only drawback regarding this treatment is that the major glow only lasted for a few days.  *Sigh*  BUT, my clogged pores that I could literally feel raised on my chin before the treatment are still smooth as ever, which is awesome.

After speaking with the technician that performed my treatment, she told me that if I were to do the HydraFacial a few times over the course of a year, that my skin would actually improve.  I completely believe this.  Just like any skincare product, treatments, or facials, consistency in using is key to getting lasting results.

I would like to thank WIFH in Atlanta, GA for this complimentary treatment and for being so wonderful to work with!  

(And thanks to my hubby of Jawavi Films for the great editing job since I was a little all over the place when recording!!)


Here are the links to my skin makeup products I wore in my after photos that helped amplify my new glowing complexion plus my lip color and necklace :

(1) it Cosmetics Illumination CC Cream 

(2) it Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye concealer 

(3) Kevyn Aucoin Expert Lipstick in “Bloodroses”

(4) Kendra Scott Hematite pendant necklace 

Have you ever had a HydraFacial experience or would you try it??  Any other skin glowing treatments you recommend?