Could Becca Cosmetics New Lavender Primer Be The Major Key To Complexion Perfection?

Becca First Light Skin Primer complexion perfection

I obsesses about it all the time.  HOW can I get my complexion looking Instagram-filter-like-perfect??

Now I know it’s silly to think that anyones skin can look “perfect” in broad daylight and in person.  Unless of course you’re a 10 year old.  Buuut I’m no quitter in the search for finding and trying multiple products to score that ONE that will get my skin closest to complexion perfection.  Recently turning 39 has me hyper-focused on taking care of my skin and having it looking its absolute best.

The latest product to hit the beauty scene that focuses on a better complexion and has a lot of buzz behind it is Becca’s First Light Priming Filter, $38. This  is a violet/lavender colored primer that goes on sheer once applied to all skin tones.  It claims to specifically fix the appearance of the following :

  • fatigue
  • dullness
  • dehydration
  • puffiness
  • fine lines

From to, you could see the internet was all abuzz about this lilac colored potion before it hit shelves.

So now that is has dropped, I’ve got some before + after pics of my skin when using it along with their Soft Light Blurring Powder & Kabuki Brush for you to make a decision on your own. Then I’ll give it to you straight at the bottom of the post with my thoughts on all 3…

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Well there is a DEFINITE difference in my skin before and after.  Especially when these products are used in conjunction with my foundation and concealer.  Looks pretty darn good.

Here are my pros and cons :


  • The primer smells like a fresh light lemon scent and sinks in nicely.
  • Feels great and doesn’t dry out my already alligator dry skin.  Is it extra special hydrating though? I don’t think so.
  • It gives it a subtle glow that isn’t shiny or glittery – which I like.  It just looks slightly better than bare skin. So does it make my skin less fatigued and dull? I think so – in the slightest way. It makes my skin look healthy and not matte.
  • Then when adding the Blurring Powder, $38, on top of my skin products to finish it off, it does deliver a blurred look.  It’s a slight warm glow added all over.  I like using this powder by itself down my neck as well to blur some of my aging neck spots…yes, those are a thing.


  • There isn’t much longevity to how long these products stay looking as fresh as they do when you apply them.  I felt like I wanted to reapply the powder 30 minutes later bc my “blurred skin” had gone away.
  • It doesn’t seem to completely erase my fine lines, it just doesn’t draw attention to them. But like I’ve said, I’m a realistic woman and know that only Botox can erase wrinkles!!! 
  • The primer was nice but wasn’t such a big difference that I would pay close to 40 bucks for it.  If it had been more hydrating as it said, I might would change my mind.
  • In terms of these products concealing any puffiness as  mentioned above, I can’t speak on that because I don’t really have puffy issues!

So which of these products do I think really was the major key to complexion perfection??  

I received these products complimentary, but if I had to pay money to repurchase one or all of them, it would be the Kabuki brush, $30  & the powder.  The brush bc it’s just so luxurious, blended in the powder beautifully, and I’m a sucker for well made makeup brushes bc they last forever.   And of course the powder I would buy again because it made the most significant and immediate difference in my skin appearance.

Have you tried any of these new Becca products?  Did you think they gave you complexion perfection? 

(All Becca products were c/o the Influenster program.)

If you are interested :: My false lashes I’m wearing in this post are the Eylure #117 style I talked about on this post HERE and my lip color is NYX soft matte lip cream in “Cannes.”