Urban Decay Vice Liquid Lipstick First Impression + Vlog

urban decay vice liquid lipstick menace tested beauty blog jennysuemakeup.comSurely by now you’ve heard the beauty blogger bees buuzzzzing over one of the newest lip products on the market….the Urban Decay Vice Liquid Lipstick!

The main attraction to these is the long wearing factor…as in more than 2 hours which is usually how long others last on me. These are touted as waterproof, smooch proof, and overall life proof!  I mean what does every mom long for??  A pretty lipstick that doesn’t wear off on wine glasses and children’s cheeks:) 

So of course, I just had to put this formula to the test.  And by testing, I mean lunching and life-ing over pizza, greasy fried goat cheese, and oily salad dressing!! You’re never going to get real results unless you EAT with a longwear lippie on.  


Check out my video below to see the Urban Decay Vice Liquid Lipstick, $18, in action…

I chose the Vice color “Menace” which is a hot medium fuchsia pink shade that dares you to look away.

I figured if I’m gonna test a long wear lipstick, I’m going to make sure it’s a bold shade so that I can truly judge if it has longevity and if the pigments stay true.  It just wouldn’t have been as fun of an experiment if I had picked a nude shade right??

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A popular complaint with most long wear formulas is that they’re super drying.  This one isn’t supposed to be. Sound too good to be true? Not really.  It did NOT make my lips feel like the dry desert or want to immediately slap on chapstick. Was it hydrating feeling? Well no. But not drying.  So that’s a win in my book.

There are 30 different shades to choose from and come in 2 formulas : metallized and comfort matte (meaning no shine). So you’ve got options.

The tricky part of this whole thing and getting the best results is all in the APPLICATION PROCESS. Intimidating? Kind of. Especially when I heard the same thing from all of my resources, makeup friends, and the box it came in!! Try NOT to go back over the same area more than once and DO not under any circumstances, press your lips together before they’re dry!!  You’ve been warned. And one coat is all you need.  I made the mistake in the beginning of layering 2-3 times, and it just got wrecked. Doesn’t stay well that way.

That pic above where I drew a V on the back of my hand with it? Well it seriously did not budge for 5 afters after I put it on, THEN I had to use 2 different face cleaners to remove it!!  Overall, I give this liquid lipstick a 9 out of 10.  It stays way better than any other lip product in my arsenal right now (and I own more lipsticks than you can shake a stick at) and it doesn’t dry my lips out.  And there’s no two step process like with some other longwear ones.

The rest of my makeup used in this video if you’re interested : Skin : it Cosmetics Confidence in a Compact (light) //  Maybelline Fit Me concealer // Blush : Nars “Desire” // False Lashes : Eylure (blog post on them here) // Highlight : Benefit Watts Up // Eyeshadow : Urban Decay Naked 3 palette // Brows : L’Oreal Brow Stylist

Have you tried this one from Urban Decay yet?  What did you think?