Finally. The Anti-Contouring Makeup Trend Is Here

anti contouring trend spring 2017 beauty

Raise your hand if you’re a little bit (or a LOT) tired of the heavy contouring makeup trend seen all over Instagram over the past year? *Me raises hand realllly high!*

(Image via of a fresh faced Tommy Hilfiger runway model for Spring 2017 collection.)

Now you all know what a fan and proponent I am of wearing whatever makes you feel good. That includes your makeup style – whether it’s a bare face, just mascara, or a face full of color, I don’t pass judgement on people’s personal style.

However, I would be lying to you if I didn’t say I was a wee bit tired of seeing all of the very same dramatic contouring of cheekbones and noses with the bright highlighter at the tip of the nose. You know what I’m talking about, this.  Lots of people like the Rudolph shiny nose thing, so clearly it’s a thing.

mona lisa contour meme

I guess the dramatic contouring makeup has become too much of a good thing in my personal opinion and it’s time for everyone to lighten up.  So I’m excited for this fresh makeup trend on the rise


anti contouring makeup trend spring 2017 athens ga makeup artist

(Image of a recent bridal client of mine, Kaeti, who I actually used Rule #3 & 4 below to nail NON-touring without bronzer!)

This lighten up trend popped up all over the Spring 2017 fashion runways and it’s actually quite perfect for spring when our entire makeup routines typically do lighten up – from the colors we use to the amount of products we use. Even says it’s all about skin that breathes this spring as their #2 trend.

How to nail the Anti-Contouring look but still get your bone structure to shine through.

This trend is all about capturing a natural glow that also highlights our faces.  No heavy dark bronzing and shading products allowed.  Here are some soft rules to go by…

Rule 1 : Keep your makeup light — only covering up flaws.  Tinted moisturizer, BB creams, or just a few dabs of concealer to cover up breakouts is enough.  A heavy slab of full coverage foundation is a no-no.  Let that skin breathe a little.

Rule 2 : DO accentuate certain features on your face though.  Pick a spot you like on your face and play it up!  Take those brows and groom them and fill them in (but keep them a bit wild and full!).  Or curl your lashes and add a fun colored mascara like blue or purple.  Don a bright blush applied high on the cheekbones (swept up towards the mid to upper ear) is a great way to add life to your skin tone!  Or choose a bright coral or fuchsia lip for spring because then there is no reason to go heavy on anything else.

Rule 3 :  Add a powder or creamy product 2 shades LIGHTER than your natural skin color and apply just under your cheek color. What?? You say?  Lighter not darker??  Hear me out.  My  bride above is a great example of this technique. This is real anti-contouring.  

By replacing the usual darker contour products and substituting with a lighter shade than your skin, it creates a pretty and realistic contour that is softer.  No bronzer underneath the cheekbone, just a lighter shade of powder to make those bones pop!  You can still use your bronzer but keep it around the perimeter of your face for a warm glow and don’t forget your neck. 

Rule 4 : Apply a pop of shimmer somewhere on your face!  My bride above also is an example of this.  We used shimmer on the highest point of the cheekbones and her tear ducts.

It’s spring so definitely have fun with a bit of glow anywhere on your face. But make sure to only pick one or two places to do this because sometimes it can look “sweaty” instead of “sexy” if you go nuts.  Personally I stick with a powder shimmer product in the summer bc creams tend to slide off the face.  Pick areas like the upper cheekbones, cupids bow of lip, top of brow bone, inner tear ducts of eyes, or the middle bridge of the nose.  Try Becca Cosmetics Shimmering Skin Perfector – it’s a huge fan fave.

What are your thoughts of flushing the old contouring down the drain this spring?