The Benefits Of Adding Probiotic Skincare Into My Daily Routine with Bebe & Bella

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Did you know that probiotics are essential for maintaining a healthy digestive system (AKA – your gut!) but that there is ALSO the added benefit of achieving healthier skin from the inside and out?!

This post is sponsored by BeBe & Bella on behalf of the PRIMP Network. All thoughts and opinions are my own. #BeBellaPRIMP

Let me have the pleasure of introducing Bebe & Bella to you.  This is a line of innovative probiotic skincare created by three women, a mother and her two daughters with a background in pharmaceuticals.  They created this line to take on the aging process with the addition of probiotics, by creating a protective shield with their products internally and externally.  Because we all know that protection & prevention is KEY to slowing down the aging of our skin.

Now that I am living out my last year in my 30’s this year, I feel like I am FINALLY coming around to this way of thinking.  I mean, not just trying to un-do the bad things I’ve done to my skin (hello sun, too much wine, and McDonalds) but trying to prevent any further damage.  And with all of the latest research coming out about the benefits of probiotics on the skin for combating other issues such as rosacea, acne, and eczema, I was thrilled to get a chance to try out the Bebe & Bella brand of probiotic skincare.

Here’s a look-sy at my bare skin after 3 weeks of exclusively using this line. Because let’s “face it.”  Pictures of real skin speak a thousand words!! (Of course I HAD to wear my eyebrow pencil and mascara – y’all know I am rarely ever seen without those two!!)

Bebella benefits of probiotic skincare system over 30 beauty blogger jennifer duvall

What are probiotics and how can they impact our skin?

Probiotics are the “friendly” bacteria that are known for balancing the digestive tract.  The most well known food that contains probiotics is yogurt.  For example, whenever one of my kids has major stomach problems (for whatever reason – a poor diet of junk food is usually a culprit) I give them probiotic powders that I place into their yogurts. Usually clears that tummy trouble right up!  FYI – It also works for me as an adult.  

Now, it has been shown that the health benefits of probiotics do far more and help to improve the skin and our brains.  

Probiotics basically “restore balance” by creating good bacteria to cancel out the not-so-good bacteria in our bodies which carries onto in our complexions.  Probiotics also help to maintain key moisture balance, which our skin tends to lose as we age, which is what causes those dreaded wrinkles!! 

bebe and bella probiotic skincare review

Bebe & Bella’s system of skincare products.

Here is what the Bebella products focus on helping with :

  • Improvement in the appearance of photo-damaged skin
  • Increased skin hydration
  • Improvement of the skin barrier function
  • Smoothing of the appearance of facial wrinkles
  • Softening of the skin

Now take a look at the exact products I was sent by BeBella and have been using exclusively for the past three weeks…

Bebella probiotic skincare system review

1st & 2nd step (morning & night) : Facial Cleanser and Purifying Facial Toner.

I use these every morning and night.  I am loving the cleanser, because while it removes the dirt and makeup, it leaves my skin feeling moist and conditioned – not stripped.  The toner is a must have step for using after cleansing because it works extra hard to remove any additional residue that cleanser didn’t get.  It mainly helps to reduce and tighten the appearance of pore size, which I have definitely noticed personally bc I hate seeing my pores!  They’re not completely gone but definitely smaller because they’re cleaner!  I’m a big fan of this refreshing toner.

3rd step (morning & night) : Freeze Dried Probiotic Essence with Activator.

This freeze dried probiotic is vacuumed sealed until you are ready to activate it with their Calibra catalyst containing hyaluronic acid. Fancy sounding huh??  We all know that HA’s are a huge anti-aging ingredient!  This is a simple way to power your skin’s natural ability to re-balance itself to get a radiant and healthy look.  Once you activate it though, its efficacy only lasts for about 7-10 days so use it up!

Bebella probiotic skincare system reviewBebe & Bella probiotic skincare benefits of

4th, 5th, and 6th Step : Facial Essence (morning & night), Hydrating Night Cream (night only), Eye Cream (morning & night).

The Facial Essence is applied after the cleansing process.  This is a serum-like water based moisturizing product that includes probiotic filtrates and hyaluronic acid. It sinks right in and my skin soaks this stuff up like a cool drink of water!

After this has soaked in I used the eye cream and night cream interchangeably.  The eye cream contains a patented combo of Vitamin E and probiotic filtrates.  This eye cream is one of the more concentrated and thicker creams I have used, so it requires only very little that goes a long way.  The night cream is thinner than the eye cream but still extremely hydrating and quenches the skin immediately.  And this is great news for me because I have the DRIEST skin on earth!!

Probiotic skincare Bebella facial essence stick probiotic skincare Bebella facial essence stick over 30 beauty blog jennysuemakeup

As Needed (usually during the daytime) :  The Essence Stick.

This product is a handy little lipstick like product that can go with you in your purse or car.  It’s basically a skin stick that can be applied on TOP of your makeup to refresh it throughout the day when we all know makeup can settle into our fine lines!  It’s got polymers that help plump up the skin without messing up the makeup.  I’m a big fan of this little gal.

Daily oral capsules : Collagen Pro + BeClara Skin Lightening

Collagen Pro – this is a nutritional supplement, containing collagen peptide, hyaluronic acid, and patented probiotic. This dynamic combination helps provide critical skin nourishment that promotes healthy, hydrated skin from the inside.  You can take 3 capsules a day, but right now I’ve only been taking 2. No real reason for this except that I take SO many vitamins already, wanted to ease into adding more to my routine. So far so good.

BeClara – this probiotic skin lightening and brightening oral supplement has a formulation of collagen to help improve the skin’s texture, hydration, and elasticity all while helping promote better digestion. You can take 2 of these a day and I have been. Of course it’s hard with oral supplements to see huge changes on the outside right out of the gate but I am going to continue to use them all up and see what happens!  It’s a known fact that you are what you eat (or consume!) so I have no doubt it’s an added benefit to continue taking these along with my topical creams!

 *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

I know it can get really overwhelming with all of the many skincare treatments and products available right now and what to use.  But if you struggle with any skin issues AT all, I’d say it can’t hurt to add in the benefit of probiotics into your daily skincare routine if you haven’t tried them yet.  I have been very happy with using the Bebe & Bella line and have found my skin to look better than ever, and I have no doubt it can only keep going the more I use them.

And if this does interest you – well I have some FANTASTIC news for you!

Right now, you can use the code : PRIMP20 for 20% off + Free Shipping on your first purchase of any of these Bebe & Bella products! Not too shabby and what a great incentive to try out something new and good for you.

Have you tried any probiotic based skincare treatments yet or Bebe & Bella products? If so, what was your experience like?

(This post is sponsored by BeBe & Bella on behalf of the PRIMP Network.  All thoughts and opinions are my own of course! #BeBellaPRIMP)