The One Trick You Should Know For Filling In Eyebrows

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The art of filling in eyebrows without them looking crazy/fake is a constant battle for most women.

But don’t despair, full thick brows don’t have to happen to people who were only born with them.

Lord knows that I over-tweezed my eyebrows back in high school and they decided they didn’t appreciate that and weren’t going to grow back for me. So filling in eyebrows has been my life for a good 15 years.

I sound like a broken record but eyebrows ARE the framework of the face.  If they’re a mess, they mess up your ENTIRE face – whether you are wearing makeup or not.  Point blank.

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The One Eyebrow Trick You Need To Know.

When I read about this trick to filling in eyebrows years ago that Mario Dedivanovic relies on (the Kardashian sisters go to makeup artist) I was like, “OMG – that makes SO much sense! Why haven’t I done this before??”

When it comes to getting the most natural looking brows, what is of upmost importance to nail natural, is to choose the right COLOR of product – whether you like pencils, powders, etc. 

And that trick is that you need be using TWO colors to layer, not just one.  The idea is to create dimension, which creates fullness and realistically mimics hairs on your head.  Everyone has multiple shades in the hair, not just one. 

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TWO shades you should be using :

1st pencil/or powder:  one or two LIGHTER than your natural brow hair color  (I used L’Oreal Brow Stylist in “Blonde”) Be careful about getting a light pencil that goes too red – a ashier color is typically best for matching most brow hairs. 

1nd pencil/or powder : the EXACT shade of your natural brow hair color  (I used L’Oreal Brow Stylist in “Brunette.”)

HOW you should be using them :

LIGHTER SHADE – use this color on the inner corners bc that’s where you want them to look as natural as possible and to look wispier.  This color is closest to the center of your face, so it’s more obvious.  I take mine to the almost center of the brow but before my arch. 

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EXACT SHADE. Use this color to focus on the outer corners.  This is where you can really lift and elongate you eye area.  I make sure to taper off the brows with this shade into a nice point that heads towards the inner and top of your ear.  This is where the most drama should take place, not the inners.

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Once you’re done creating the brow, be sure to brush through them to blend the shades together and knock out any harsh lines.  Voila, a more realistic brow with dimension.

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What’s your favorite brow secret/hack/advice??