My 4 Intoxicating Signature Fragrances + How I Wear Them

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I don’t talk about my signature fragrances (plural) enough on this blog.

It’s a shame fragrance doesn’t get more love on here because it’s one of my favorite beauty products…even though it’s basically invisible!

I rarely leave the house without spritzing something on to make me smell delicious.  Sense of smell is a super important to me – it’s been said that “your scent, is your signature,” and I believe in that.  A mist of perfume is the easiest way to give myself an instant mood boost.  That, and a cup of coffee aaand a good mascara day!

There’s no better compliment than giving someone a hug then saying to me, “Oooh, you smell so good, what are you wearing?”

Immediately makes me feel pretty and confident.  And yes, your fragrance should ONLY be noticeable if someone gets close enough to hug you, not be able to smell it RIGHT when you walk into a room.  Overpowering is more of a turnoff than no smell at all!!  Balance y’all.

Here are my top 4 most intoxicating signature fragrances of all time…

how to wear a signature fragrance beauty blogger Jennifer Duvall JennySue Makeup

signature fragrances how to wear them gucci guilty hanae mori1. Alien by Thierry Mugler //  2.  Purple Seductia by Sonia Kashuk  // 3. Hanae Mori  //  4.  Gucci Guilty

These are the 4 signature fragrances that I always go back to constantly and repurchase.  I describe them all as “intoxicating”  because they are all exhilarating and exciting to smell!!  Just ask my hubby 🙂  If he doesn’t like a fragrance of mine, it’s a goner!

Here’s a breakdown of the major fragrance notes included in my faves and in what situations I decide to wear them.  I either choose my fragrance depending on my outfit, how I want to feel that day, or how I’m already feeling!

  1. Alien  Feeling it gives me : confident + sassy  Notes of :  Jasmine, white amber, cashmere wood
  2. Purple Seductia   Feeling it gives me : fun + flirty   Notes of :  pomegranate, rose, patchouli   
  3. Hanae Mori  Feeling it gives me : super girly + happy  Notes of :  black currant, ylang ylang, jasmine, sandalwood
  4. Gucci Guilty  Feeling it gives me : strong + sexy  Notes of :  mandarin, pink pepper, peach, patchouli, amber

coco chanel signature fragrances beauty blog JennySue Makeup

This popular quote by designer Coco Chanel makes me chuckle every time. It’s a little harsh, but hilarious.

How do I apply this invisible beauty product?

  • On the right and left side of the back of my ears,
  • underside of my hair on the nape of my neck,
  • and my inner elbows.

It’s always best to spritz it on right after you get out of a shower when your skin is warm and hydrated.  And if you spray it on wet hair then blow dry, you get bonus fragrance points!  Who doesn’t love a good smelling head of hair?

What is your signature fragrance or fragrances? I’d love to hear them!

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Happy Smell Good Monday!