4 Steps To Covering Those Annoying Dark Circles (for the over 35 crowd!) + A Video

4 steps to covering dark circles over the age of 35

Raccoon eyes (aka, dark circles) are NOT a good look…on anybody!!

As I approach 40, the worse and more dramatic my dark circles are becoming.  I like to blame them on my children, work, sleepless nights, too much vino, etc. But feeling sorry for my face is no fun, whoever is to blame. Cue the tiny violins…(Actual culprit unveiled a few paragraphs down)

Luckily, there is HOPE for hiding those annoying dark circles.

Today I’m sharing the 4 steps and exact products I use to help combat these ugly face destroyers!  More details and links after you watch the video.

Hydrate :  MAC Fast Response eye cream //  Color Correct : Maybelline Instant Age Rewind in “Brightener” // Concealer : NYX HD Concealer in “Beige” // Set : Ben Nye Banana Powder (or Makeup Revolution has a good knockoff here) // Fave Concealer Brush : it Cosmetics // Setting Sponges : Ulta

What actually causes dark circles?

There are many factors that cause dark circles + eye bags and it can depend on one or all of the following :

  • heredity,
  • hormones,
  • diet,
  • water retention etc etc.

But AGE is the BIGGEST factor when it comes to raccoon eyes.  Basically what happens is as we get older, our fat migrates out of the eye socket  (already one of the thinnest areas of skin) and our body loses its ability to hold things up, and it sags.  Sounds lovely right?? That word SAG, ugh, it is so descriptive and on point.

My 4 Step Breakdown for Review.

  1. HYDRATE (undereye cream or skin primer)
  2. COLOR CORRECT  (your yellows, peaches, orange, purples, etc)
  3. CONCEALER (one shade lighter than your natural skintone, no lighter than that or it looks ashy/ghostly!)
  4. SET IT AND FORGET IT!  (your setting powder that can be translucent (colorless), exact skintone, or a yellow based power for brightening like the one I used here in this video)

Really there are only 2 ways to camouflage or get rid of this beauty issue :

  1. The Expensive Way : Face injectables of hyaluronic acid ffillers rom products like Restylane and Juvederm (quite a few others as well) to plump up the under eye hollows. This is not permanent however and has to be updated every 8-12 months, or so I hear. But, it is more longterm than your morning concealer.
  2. OR The Cheaper Way : Cover those puppies up as best you can with makeup!  This is also the pain-less way:)

I choose cheaper right now merely because my bank account can’t afford option #1 . Although I’d never say never to trying such a thing.  I use myself as a guinea pig for beauty and not ashamed to admit it!!

Also, now that I have my 4 steps down, the end result isn’t too shabby.  And there’s always a nice big pair of sunglasses to help when you’re outside 🙂

Oh, and these gold collagen eye pads are my jam in between makeup applications.  I keep them in the fridge and slap on my pesky circles whenever they’re feeling really gnarly! 

What are your favorite concealer products? Do you do multiple steps or just one and done?  Also, have you ever tried the underye injectable route? I’d love to hear! 

(Film edit by my hubby JaWaVi Films)