How To Use An Eyeshadow Quad Correctly : Clarins Graphik Collection + A Video

Clarins Graphik collection 2017 how to use an eyeshadow quad

One of life’s biggest mysteries has got to be, “How do you use ALL of the colors in an eyeshadow quad correctly??”

Ok maybe that’s a little dramatic but as a makeup artist, I get asked that question all the time 🙂

It’s great to have 4 colors in one handy spot as opposed to 4 singles scattered about your vanity! But when it comes to how to get the most use of those 4 colors, there is a handy method to getting the prettiest results. (Who hasn’t left 1 or 2 shades unused and lonely in a palette because they didn’t know where they went or how to use them??!)

Today I am highlighting a quick 1 minute video tutorial I did over on my Instagram account.  I show how I used all 4 colors from this beautiful forest green quad by Clarins for fall 2017.  I’ll dive in deeper after the video…

(Be sure to hover over the white arrow and click to start the video.)

Clarins eyeshadow quad fall 2017 Graphik

Shop the look :

Quad : Clarins 4 Colour Palette “Forest” // Liner : Clarins Graphik Liquid Pen //  Lip liner : Clarins “Nude Mocha”  // Lipstick : Joli Rouge “Litchi”

How to apply an eyeshadow quad :

  1. As a general rule of thumb – Start your quad applications from the lightest to the darkest shade. And I used the pale pearl pink all over my eyelid first – from the lash line up to the brow bone and even along the tear duct to brighten.  The main place to really focus on using the lightest color in your quad is typically on the brow bone to make it pop!
  2. Next, I went to the sea green shade right next to it (2nd lightest color) and applied this from the lash line just up to the crease (where you can feel your eye socket is!).
  3. Then I skipped over to the 3rd darkest shade at the end of the palette, and applied this color along my crease to define it in a sideways V fashion and even along my lower lash line to pump up the drama. (you could omit all color along the lower lash line if you want a more subtle look).
  4. I finished off the palette, with the darkest shade, the deep black forest green, by really defining the crease here with a small tight crease brush just on the outer corners of my eye bed.  The darkest color in any quad can also be a good substitute for eyeliner if you’re just not comfortable with using a liner or want a softer liner look.
  5. Then of course, I can’t ever be without a dramatic winged eye! I used their Graphik liner pen for this which has an amazing inky black finish!  JennySue Tip : Always keep the inner line thinner towards the tear duct and gradually make it a bit thicker as you go towards the outside of the eye.  

how to use clarins eyeshadow quad fall beauty 2017how to use an eyeshadow quad clarins graphik collection fall eye makeupclarins graphik collection how to use an eyeshadow quadclarins graphik collection fall beauty 2017

I was also sent the Clarins Joli Rouge lipstick and lip liner which were both extremely hydrating, super pigmented, and with the smoothest formulas! I wore the deep rose shade of “Litchi” and the “nude mocha” liner to make it a bit of a deeper lip color. But either would look great worn alone!  (Quick JennySue tip – I actually have worn the liner by itself with just a clear gloss/chapstick on top for a more neutral brown shade! )

Sometimes all you need is a few fun products to amp up your everyday makeup routine to get excited for a new season!!

Have any of you tried the Clarins line of makeup products? I had tried their self tanners in the past (sooo good) but never really their makeup until now.  I will certainly be adding more to my routine in the future though!

My Instagram post video was sponsored by Clarins USA. Heartfelt thank you for supporting the brands that support my blog!