5 Beauty Products Guaranteed To Make You Feel Confidently Beautiful

beyonce beauty products that give confidence What drives us to buy beauty products?

Usually our hope is that whatever said beauty product we chunk down money for will ultimately make us look and feel like a more beautiful version of our natural self.

Or make us feel like Beyonce…hahaha!!

I realize that every single one of us has our own unique idea or vision of what beauty means to them.  This post isn’t about what you should look like per say, but there has been research done that shows what is perceived as more attractive to the human eye.

Also as a makeup artist who does a lot of private makeup consultations and teaching sessions, I have seen what looks and products immediately take my clients from feeling “ho-hum” to “heck yes!!”

Keep reading to find out 5 ways to boost your own beauty confidence!  

Shop the products mentioned below :

Gwen Stefani ramps up the glam when she wears red lipstick!

I. WEAR RED LIPSTICK.  (Try Revlon’s “Really Red,” $8.) It is a researched fact that men AND women find other women wearing red lipstick to be more attractive.  That’s because red inspires desire, passion, and love.  When red lipstick is applied, it usually makes women feel internally confident overall which reflects on the outside.

But do you think that finding the right red lipstick is super confusing??  It doesn’t have to be.

Here’s an easy rule of thumb for choosing one :  Use your hair color as your guide. The darker your hair on your head, the darker the red and go for warm and berry reds. The lighter your hair is, go for a lighter, brighter, and blue based red.  And I always say a cream or matte red looks way more sophisticated and sexy than a glossy (trashy) red. (But that comment is way personal and objective so I’ll leave that right there:))

how to get whiter teeth beauty products

Whiter teeth = A healthier looking smile!

II. WHITEN YOUR TEETH.  (Try Crest White Strips for Sensitive teeth, $28.)  I know I know, white strips don’t sound like a beauty product but hear me out.  We all know “a smile is the best makeup a girl can wear,” to quote Marilyn Monroe.  Whether your teeth are super crooked or super straight, if they’re white as opposed to yellow, you’re ahead of the beauty game!!

I am not going to quit drinking coffee (because I’m not quitter), so I am vigilant about keeping up with my brushing and whitening!  I am currently using a whitening gel my orthodontist gave me right at the end of my Invisalign treatment (that last video coming soon!) but up until then I used these white strips and they worked well if you’re on a budget.

This NuSkin toothpaste is also being touted as a very safe option for kids as well.  (Interesting celebrity teeth before and after post to show what a difference a whiter smile can make!)

secrets to looking younger with makeup

One eye wearing the it Cosmetics Superhero mascara and one without!

III. USE MASCARA FOR LONGER LASHES.  (Try it Cosmetics Superhero mascara , $24 or L’Oreal’s Lash Paradise (for a more budget friendly option at $8.))  I have always said that the most feminine part of a woman’s face has to be her eyelashes. The longer, fuller, darker, the better!

And when you enhance your lashes with mascara, you enhance your overall eye area and draw attention to the windows of the soul .  So go ahead and swipe on a 2nd coat of mascara – top AND bottom lashes please!!

charlotte tilbury wonder glow review

Wearing the Charlotte Tilbury Wonder Glow under my foundation here.

IV. GET GLOWING SKIN.  (Try Charlotte Tilbury’s Wonder Glow Beauty Flash, $55.)   Dull flat skin doesn’t hold a candle to luminous dewy looking skin right??  If your skin is glowing, you are going to look better and more youthful without a doubt.  I recently got this magical  hybrid primer & anti-aging elixir that you add after your moisturizer but before your foundation.

It isn’t overly glittery or shimmery and adds just enough light reflection for any skin tone/shade plus contains wrinkle reducing ingredients and collagen boosting peptides.  Here’s a post I did on the anti-aging skincare products that make a big difference if you’re interested.

champagne eyeshadow

V.  WEAR CHAMPAGNE EYESHADOW.  (Try Stila “Kitten” eye shadow pan, $18.)  One of the most universally flattering shades of shadow of all time has to be this one by Stila.  Kitten is a shimmery champagne nude pink shade that works on all skin tones – seriously, from darkest to fairest!

Just sweep a little from the lash line to your crease and add a good mascara (note the 2 above!) and you’re done. This shadow is so so beautiful and even great for the makeup minimalist but better than a bare eyelid! Go a step further and line your tear ducts with it for more drama.

Again, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so you do you!!