Why Facial Mists Are More Important To Your Beauty Routine Than You Think

facial mists why you should use them pixi beauty

Facial mists and setting sprays are much more beneficial to your beauty routine than most realize. 

I have become quite the devotee of them as of lately.  I use at least one type of mist every single day now.

And instead of adding another step into your skincare routine, facial mists are best used in on-the-go situations.  They are ideal for spritzing on whenever your skin feels tight or dry during the day – or when you just want a skin pick me up (usually after flights for me!).

And while we are all trapped inside this winter, they can help minimize the drying effects of indoor heating systems.

Lots of ladies swear by facial mists for a couple of reasons and/or needs:

  • wanting to prep skin BEFORE makeup
  • to set makeup AFTER its done
  • perk up tired looking skin
  • added hydration
  • to cool skin down

As a general rule, MOST skin types can benefit from one or the other but especially people with normal to dry skin. And most of us need more hydration than just when we apply our moisturizer in the a.m. and p.m. The new school of thought is to be rehydrating all throughout the day!

facial mists pixi beauty

The ones I am sharing today are these three I received c/o Pixi Beauty, $15 each.  All 3 have separate benefits. 

Keep reading to find out more about what they do and see which one you should add to your beauty routine…

GLOW MIST.  Key ingredients : Propolis & Argan Oil & Aloe Vera.  What it does : Hydrates, protects, nourishes, and provides a soft luminous glow.

MAKEUP FIXING MIST.  Key ingredients : Rose Water & Green Tea.  What it does : All over setting mist that can be used on bare skin before makeup to calm irritated skin and prep it for makeup.  Then can be used after makeup to help set and extend the life of your makeup. (side note, love love the faint rose smell of this one!)

HYDRATING MILKY MIST.  Key ingredients : Hyaluronic Acid & Black Oat.  What it does :  Before makeup it moisturizes and preps the skin. Anytime can be used for a burst of hydration and even at nighttime.

Even though each of these mists and others have bonus benefits, hydration is by far the biggie.

Here’s why constant hydration is key : When the skin is dehydrated, its protective barrier becomes weaker.  Which means that your collagen and elastin can break down faster (yikes!).  By keeping our skin well moisturized, you set yourself up for glowier and smooth skin for the long term.


Super simple.  On clean skin at morning and night (before applying moisturizer) you just spray on your face from about 8-10 inches and rub or pat in!  Then as I need them through the day, I spray the product onto a foundation brush (like my fave one here) then stipple the mist onto my skin to refresh it and not interfere with my makeup.

My next mist purchase will DEF be this Caudalie Beauty Elixir spray because even at it’s $49 price tag, it gets rave reviews and is one of the most iconic and effective of the facial mists from what I hear!! (also apparentely really great for men after they shave!)

Ready, set, spray away!!!  Here are some other popular facial mists to try…