Two Eyebrow Tricks You’re Probably Not Doing But Should Be!


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I’m pretty secure in the bold statement that your EYEBROWS are easily THE most important feature on your face.

For quite some time now, eyebrow products have been a main focus of a lot beauty brands. And sales for brow products have been ranked highest in terms of a growth category for the past 3 years. That’s some brow power! (Stat found here).

Since brows are the framework of the face, bringing attention to them and getting a well defined pair is a must for me.

Lately I have found myself making them bigger and bigger (drawing them on of course) and loving a fuller brow look!! I plucked the buh-Jesus out of them in high school so a lot of time and effort goes into my brows, not gonna lie. But time well spent in my book because they’re quite the focal point of the face.

I already showed you my trick for realistic looking brows and how to fill them in HERE.

But today, I’m sharing 2 additional eyebrow tricks & products that are basically finishing touches for achieving brow perfection!

yebrows tricks you should be doing benefit cosmetics brow pencils

Both products used in this post by Benefit Cosmetics.

 1. High Brow Pencil (a creamy highlighting pencil) // 2. Goof Proof Brow Pencil (dark brown pencil #5 w/ spoolie)


What you need : An eyebrow pencil with spoolie and a can of hairspray.

What you do : My eyebrows are getting more coarse and wirey the older I get *yikes! So taming them is of utmost importance so that random hairs don’t start jumping out at people!! And it’s one of my biggest pet peeves for when I apply my brow products and they end up fading away throughout the day.

Well there is an easy way to combat both of these issues very simply.

First this Goof Proof Benefit pencil with spoolie draws in some major realistic looking full brows. The angled tip makes it easier to fill/fake brow hairs and the color 4 Medium works perfectly for me – nice cool neutral brown with no redness, which can often look fake. The formula claims to stay put for 12 hours and I’d agree it as good staying power!

Once you’ve faked your fullness, take a can of firm hold hairspray, and spray your spoolie on the opposite end of the pencil (or even an old toothbrush) and quickly rake it through your eye brow hairs to blend the color!  I tend to brush mine upwards to create a more natural looking brow. I swear this will secure my eyebrow products better than anything else while also keeping my brow hairs in place.


What you need : Benefits High Brow pencil + your fingers

What to do :  When I received this pencil as a gift (thanks to my fellow blogger bud Molly!) I wasn’t sure I would be impressed. Boy was I WRONG!! The moment I took this pearly pale pink pencil and traced it underneath my entire brow, I was instantly wowed!!

Once you’ve traced your brow, then take your ring finger and just rub the product into the skin to blur it. You can even go a step further and trace the TOP of the tail of your brow to really highlight it!  It gives the illusion of an eye lift which is incredible and makes your eyes pop! It also really defines the shape of the eyebrows.

Have you tried any of these products?  How important are eyebrows to you?