The Drugstore Gel Eyeliner That Creates The Perfect Stay Put Wing

best drugstore eyeliner under $10 by L'oreal

Gel eyeliner is a makeup artist kit staple.

Yet, it should also be an everyday gals cosmetic bag staple IF that gal loves a strong liner look.   However if you’re a super natural no-makeup makeup look gal, then this might NOT be your cup of tea. But y’all know me, and the bigger & bolder the winged eye, the better!

But one of my biggest pet peeves is creating a winged eye with a product and then it immediately smears, smudges, or disappears.  If I’m gonna put in time to create a cat eye, I want it to stay PUT!!

What exactly is a GEL eyeliner and how is it different from a pencil liner you ask? 

Gel eyeliners are long-lasting formulas that are used to create a dramatic and noticeable effect. This type of liner usually comes in the form of a small jar, has a thick cream consistency, and should be applied with a brush.  And the finer the head of the brush, the more control you’ll have with this type of eyeliner.

best drugstore gel eyeliner For so long I used the popular Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner that is $27 because well, I got comfortable with it and didn’t want to switch for fear I’d buy something that wasn’t good. Ever done that??

I never feel this way about pencils and own a gazillion different brands of eyeliner pencils and even liquid liners, so I can’t put my finger on my unwillingness to try another brand of gel liner…until now.

May I introduce you to the L’Oreal Infallible Gel eyeliner that is $9.

And guess what.

It acts like the Bobbi Brown one but for $18 LESS.  Granted the BB one is .1 ounce and the L’Oreal is .08 ounces but that doesn’t deserve such a big increase in price in my opinion.

I love a good bargain and this is a GREAT bargain in my opinion if you love a gel liner or if you’re in the market to try one and don’t want to spend a ton of money testing one out.

best angled eyeliner brush to create winged eye Real Techniques


Eye Base : MAC 24 Hr Extend // Angled eyeliner brush : Real Techniques #202 //  Gel liner : L’Oreal Infallible Gel Lacquer

A lot of women feel they have more control over a gel liner. Which I would have to agree with.  Buuuut this is only IF you have a GREAT eyeliner BRUSH to apply your liner with.

The one con I have for this L’oreal gel is the brush it comes with creates too fat of a line for me, and I like to be able to do a sharp thin line that I just can’t get with the included one.  (Wait a 2nd con, is that they only offer 2 colors in it, brown and black.  I’d love to have more choices like grey and navy!!!)

My fave eyeliner brush.

I rely on this Real Techniques #202 Angled Liner Brush. It’s made with synthetic bristles and is ideal not only for gels, but also powders for a winged look.  And it’s only $13 and can help you create a killer winged or cat eye.

So this goes to show you that a less than $10 gel eyeliner is possible and it won’t let you down. Your winged eye has never been better or more even!!

*Bonus Tip* For even more stay put power for your eye makeup all around, add the MAC prep + prime 24hr extend base! I apply this then let it sit for about a minute before applying shadows and liner.  It locks everything in place and will be very necessary come these warm winter months.

Do you wear gel eyeliner? What’s your go-to brand?