Top 10 Makeup + Photography Tips For Better Headshots

There is something to the quote, “Putting a face with a name,” right??  We hear that saying all the time.

In this day and age where everyone finds you and/or your services online, chances are they’ll want to see what YOU look like. Being able to put that face with the name of your brand creates a sense of familiarity and trust behind a business rather than a stock photo or worse, NO photo at all!!!

First impressions are VITAL ONLINE.

We all know how quickly people can click away from your site if they aren’t interested OR if you aren’t represented decisively.  So you want to look your very best when taking your professional headshots.

headshot makeup and photgraphy tips athens ga

Headshots are NOT just for actors or model calling cards.

A headshot is a great piece of photography that focuses on a persons face that others can connect to their brand, business, profession, or services.

Today I have teamed up with local Athens professional photographer, Sara Wise, to give you some of our best tips in makeup and photography, for achieving your BEST HEADSHOT.  Make sure you watched the video above to hear us go into detail on each but I will leave the bullet points from the video below!

Let’s start with what I know then I’ll share with Sara’s expertise.


  1. Naturally enhance your features. Now is not the time to try out a smokey eye if this isn’t your thing or how you’re used to representing yourself.  You shouldn’t walk into an interview or audition looking like someone totally different from your headshot you have sent in.

makeup and photography tips for headshots

  1. The right amount of powder is your friend.  “Shiny” in head shots translates to looking “sweaty” which is never good. Be sure to powder that Tzone area which is basically where everyone gets shiny : middle of the face, down bridge of nose, middle of chin, middle of forehead, and sides of nose. (product fave : NYX #nofilter Finishing Powder, $11)
  2.  When in doubt what feature to play up, focus on your EYES with makeup.  Eyes are the window to the soul and are the first thing people will notice in your photos- not your outfit, not your jewelry, not your hair, your EYES are the main focus! (product fave : I wear false lashes often, and when I do I wear the Ardell Demi Wispies, $11 which I’m wearing in all of these photos.)
  3. Add a highlighter to your skin. Might seem counter productive to my powder tip, but when highlighter is placed in the right spots, it creates pretty dimension to the face and gives your complexion a glow…but in small doses!! I give you clues as to where to highlight in the video. (product fave : this is actually a highlighter, blush, AND bronzer in one, but I will occasionally only use the highlighter part –  it Cosmetics Confidence in Your Glow, $32)
  4. Choose a slightly DARKER shade of foundation and powder. Photographs always wash you out, always. So go a tad darker with your skin color to give a healthier look. (product fave : currently loving my Huda Beauty #fauxfilter foundation in color “latte,” $40)

tips on hair and makeup for headshots

Shop my outfit details :

Duster : Band of Gypsies // Floral Bodysuit : Free People  // White Denim : Nordstrom


  1. Dress in clothes that make YOU feel good.  Once again, like in makeup, look nice, pressed, clean, but don’t pick clothing that you are uncomfortable in or would never wear in real life because it will translate in the picture.
  2. Best to angle your hips AWAY from the camera if you are doing 3/4 or full length shots. Straight onto the camera usually looks a little stiff so angle yourself.
  3. Shooting photos with “shallow depth of field” = better looking skin! This is a photographer term that I didn’t know about until this shoot!  You will need the right kind of lens to create this look but the blur created around you really gives the softest looking skin.
  4. Look for getting that CATCH LIGHT in your eyes.  You know that little white square you can see in a photo in someones eyes? It can be created by a reflective surface or window and looks great in photos and gives your eyes that little glimmer!
  5. Worry more about pretty LIGHT than on your location. Great light trumps location any day. No fancy studio or backdrop needed for a headshot, so get creative with your space but find that natural light.  With these photos Sara took of me in my own home office I actually have 4 big windows. And since we shot on a sunny day it allowed for well lit, bright, cheery photos!

I’d like to thank Sara for being such a great co-host on this video and sharing her valuable tips and tricks for photography and for my new headshots she took!!  Be sure to follow Sara on Instagram and Facebook!! 

And if you aren’t already following along with me on Instagram and YouTube please do! Would be so happy to see you there.

Do you have any tips for creating the best headshots?